You ever deal with people who think you look unnatural and just dont' get it?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by GymRat79, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. GymRat79

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    Take the average person who thinks too many muscles is not attractive. They will think guys who compete and win overdue it.

    Then you try to explain to them that they have to look that way to win competitions.

    I mean when we live in a world where the majority of women prefer dad bods I can understand why comments like this are made. Many women and people in general have something against too much muscle.. But I'm sure many of you have found yourself annoyed by these opinions.

    How many of you have been told you are too muscular?
  2. ruckin

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    I would never want to look unnatural. Stage-ready competitive bodybuilders look absolutely disgusting to the normal person and I have to agree with them. Not to take anything away from their hard work and discipline, as getting that lean is very impressive, but it honestly just looks gross.
  3. GymRat79

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    Yes but if you want to do well in competition you have to look as close as you can to that. The higher the level the more you gotta be cut and lean. I am willing to do my best to achieve the most lean I can get cause I want to do well in my show. I want to be competitive.

    Its sort of ignorant for a person to look at someone who worked their ass off and eats right and is dedicated and knock them by saying they have too many muscles. That is very comical to say the least on their part for even making that comment. The whole point of winning at what they do is to have muscles and be cut as fuck! Plus posing is extremely important but thats another discussion for another day. Its like telling a pro golfer "Oh you hit the ball too far and straight. Lay off of it a little ok?"
  4. Ironlord

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    I don't know that the majority of women want guys with dad bods.. They settle for it if everything else about the guy is great..

    I work with a ton of women and they all talk about how they wish their men were more lean, more muscular, and physically just harder then the soft guys they are now...

    Most women want in between a male fitness model and a lower level bodybuilder...

    Yes, the extreme mutant huge shredded guys do turn off many women it seems..
  5. Demondosage

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    We don't see it the same because we are into it. Guys who are champion bodybuilders look normal to is because we look at them often enough it looks normal. I can remember being a kid back when they had bodybuilding shows on ESPN, and I thought to myself back then "WTF....something about this doesn't look right and it's impossible to tell who is better than the other because they all look the same" then I got a little older and was looking through a muscle magazine thinking to myself "Ok, I want to be bigger and lean but that guy is too much for me" , then a few years later it was more like ," Ok, what do I have to do in order to look like that guy??" Hahahaha
  6. GymRat79

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    I understand the heavyweight division giving off that vibe but what about mens physique? Guys just look athletic and cut as can be. In that division they even look down on too much muscle.

    I showed a pic of Jeremy Buendia to someone and they said "Oh that guy is so unnatural. He looks way too muscular!"

    I Was like wtf?
  7. Ironlord

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    I guess it comes down to everyone has their own flavour... Some guys like fat girls, some like blondes, some like Latina... Same goes for the ladies.. Some like big ripped guys, some like effeminate fashionable men, hell.... I'm sure some even like @MindlessWork ;)
  8. grey

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    I think there is a significant difference in how people react to "contest day" condition no matter the division...

    Most people not into the details of BB or physique simply find the 7-10% BF range (on men) more aesthetically pleasing than the 3-6% range.

    Only ever met a few girls who really were aroused by the totally shredded "road map" style of vasulatity or the individual striations of muscle (especially glutes).

    Phil Heath's glutes are a testament to genetics and hard work, but they are objectively gross to behold.


    Amazing, but not eye pleasing.

    Honestly, for a great number of people, muscular definition and shapes like that don't register as human.
  9. Evom1

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    It's the conditioning in prep. Same as I can show girls of women's physique competitors in prep and they think they look gross and would never want that, then I show them the same girl off season and they're like " yeah see that I'd like, the other girl looked like a dude"
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  10. GymRat79

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    I don't know about you but ever since I got an interest in competing and bodybuilding I find muscular girls attractive. Figure girls for sure. There are some really hot spreads out there they have had in magazines that just make me go "WOW!"

    Its not gay at all either. Its about finding a toned ripped chick attractive cause you learn to find that sexy. Who doesn't like nice toned calves, abs, ass, and legs? That is far from gay I can tell you that. Many of these women have fake tits on top of it which is nice.
  11. grey

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    Once it goes from "toned" to "ripped" I lose all interest for girls.
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  12. MindlessWork

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    Seems too many muscle girls look so much like men :eek:

    LOL u smartass!
  13. GymRat79

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    Ok so you guys don't find these girls attractive then? Are you nuts or what??

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  14. D-max

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    None of those girls are what I'd call muscular.
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  15. grey

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    ^That. And none are really in contest shape either, which is my point.

    Though that 4th blonde chicks stomach musculature is actually kind of off putting.
  16. GymRat79

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    I like the bikini division. Those girls are definitely at the level to compete in that.

    You must be talking about figure and above.
  17. grey

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    that is probably true yes...

    It is indeed figure and above that loses appeal for most of the general population.
  18. Leancuisine

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    I go to the gym and see women like that everywhere.
    I just love women. Tall girls, fat girls, skinny girls.... doesn't matter. I do have a preference though.

    And who cares? I don't workout for other women to gawk over me. I learned at a very young age that building muscle doesn't attract women. It creates a line of dudes asking "hey bro got any tips."

    I would fuck any and all of these women. Without even knowing what their faces look like.
    IMG_3514.JPG IMG_3060.JPG IMG_3515.JPG IMG_3518.JPG

    Especially this black chick

    IMG_3491.JPG IMG_3361.JPG IMG_2300.JPG

    Lindsey Morgan. I would tear my left nut out with my bare hands just to hear her fart through a walkie talkie.
    I'm in love with her.

  19. rjx

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    Just because they want a man that's leaner, more muscular and firmer than the slobby spouses they have, doesn't mean that most woman "want in between a male fitness model and a lower level bodybuilder."

    The biggest physical attribute "most" woman seem to want is someone that's taller than them. Woman seem to want someone decently attractive, but that's not probably the most important thing. Common interests, someone that can make them laugh and engage in mind stimulating conversation, a good stable provider, skinny to teddy bear body type, etc.

    Bringing it back to the body.
    I think many woman might prefer someone physically fit. Maybe similar to a swimmers body. But not "in between a male fitness model and a lower level bodybuilder."

    Here's a homework assignment for everyone.
    Look for girls you think are hot and see what kinds of guys they're with. See if they're lean and have some obvious muscle. The majority of the time they might be average guys, might dress nice, might be handsome, have good presence (maybe not), etc.

    When it comes to attraction, I think some people are curious by what they don't currently have. Or the grass seems greener. Who knows.
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  20. Perrin Aybara

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    Same, especially that first pic.
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