You guys know what this means?

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    i was staring into space & the girl i liked was walking by & she was looking at me while i was staring into space. then later i was staring at the wall & when i looked over i see her looking at me & smiling while she had her hands on her head. then the next day i heard her saying “i don’t know why he looks at me”?
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    I saw two dudes one with a limp the other wo a limp, they began whispering once they saw ME, and then both started limping.

    Obviously my mere presence had a paralyzing effect on them right?

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    Chickens have four types of feathers....
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    Nope, dude number one kicked up a pebble that landed squarely in dude number twos shoe causing him to limp.

    The cause and effect relationship of human behavior often lies in the DETAILS.
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    I think it means she thinks you're mentally challenged because you just stare at shit.
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    Brutal...but to the point.
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  9. OMG. Like maybe she likes you and junk? You should totally slip her a note in homeroom dude and like maybe you two could hold hands when you walk home from school.
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    yeah but i guess she has a boyfriend now because the other day when i went out with my friends i guess she was there with her boyfriend & i guess she saw me & was talking about me because when i turn around i saw him looking at me but then he looked away. but now when her boyfriend see's me around somewhere he just laughs at me. so idk
  11. Blatant disrespect. Kick his ass and take his girl.
    Preferably on a beach, where you can kick sand in his face and call him skinny. Just follow this step by step.

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