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  1. So I was in a bind for time yesterday and didn't go to my regular gym. My buddy runs a personal training studio for athletes up the street from my work. I usually don't go there because it is fairly small, and he usually has sessions going on. He's got a great little set-up though w/ everything you need.

    Anyways, I going through my shoulder workout and this 6-4 baby faced kid comes in and starts squatting. Gets up to 405 for 5 ATG. My buddy says he's a hockey player, 15 years old, and is already getting looked at by major D1 schools.

    I've never seen anything like it. I know 405 isn't HUGE weight for us, but if you saw this kid, your head would have spun. Tall guys usually have trouble squatting anyways, never mind tall teens who are usually goofy and uncoordinated until they grow into their bodies a few years down the road.

    What the hell is in the milk...
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    405 is huge for me lol, I'm no monster like a lot of you guys.

    The first thing I always think is what is that guy running? when I see someone pushing a ton of weight. That being said though, I have seen a few kids that I would bet 1k on that they were clean, and freakishly strong. There was a kid that used to go to my Gym, he was about 150 lbs and could bench 315...... he was also freakishly fast and co-ordinated...... Just an all around super athlete.
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    Definitely a testament of what proper training and hard work can do at that age. I guess that's why a lot of vets tell the young guys to avoid AAS until they've reached their natural limit. Too bad many don't realize the potential they have naturally and would rather take the shortcut.
  4. 405 IS huge. I hit 405 for 5 ATG the other day and was psyched. I'm also 35 and on a cycle.

    I've also been in gyms where that is nothing. My old training partner no shit hit 405 for 18 years ago when we were training together. I could hit it for 10. I was also 22, a pretty damn good athlete, and on the sauce...

    This kid is 15, and definitely clean lol. He looks more like Gilligan then a juicer. I was just amazed at this kids strength. He's been training less then a year according to my buddy who is his trainer. He's a big kid, but I guess without a picture of him you can't explain it.

    I know when I was playing HS football we lifted 3 days a week on the team program. I think maybe two 250lb+ lineman squatted 405 for 1 on max day. I did 315 my senior year and felt like I squatted half the world. 3 plates was huge....

    This kid rode his damn bike to the gym, is going to be a sophomore in HS, and banged out 405 for 5 like nothing. I was amazed!
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    Sounds like a genetic freak of nature to me!
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    Freaks like that definitely exist, maybe some day when he's in the NHL you'll be able to say that you knew him. There's a huge difference between 15 and 18 even, by the draft god knows what that kid will be putting up.
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    I knew a kid in high school....fat kid who wore sweat pants everyday and wore orthotics. Not an ounce of athleticism in his body. One day he comes to the weight room where some kid is struggling with his 1RM bench @ 315lbs. He finishes and everyone is talking to him and fat kid lays down and starts pumping 315lbs for like 12 reps like it's nothing. Turns out he was the strongest kid in the weight room and he worked out at home - just had no idea looking at the kid. He was definitely gifted though as he had started 6 months before this by himself.....
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    I go pretty heavy on my squats so 405 is just part of the pyramid up, but its on the heavier side if I am ass to calves. Surprisingly, I don't see too many guys ass to calves.
  9. I hear ya! I see so many guys doing like half and quarter squats at heavy weights lol. Not impressive in any way. What they don't realize is that this causes much more shear on the knee then actually getting into the hole.

    I squat more of a low-bar style now that I am older. I used to always do Olympic Squats because that was how I was taught as a teen. I still drop until the hammies hit the calves though - its just easier on my knees. I have nothing against true powerlifter squats. As long as you go below parallel you are ok in my book.

    Again though, I'm talking about a 6-4, 15 year old kid who looked more lanky and uncoordinated then anything. He also weighed less then 200. It was just damn impressive.
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    The first thing I'd ask the kid is what type of work he has done, and if any was manual labor. I have found a direct correlation between guys that have done hard labor and work ethic in the gym. You take a guy off a construction site or a tree cutter or whatever, and you can bet he will be a big and strong fucker in the gym.