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    Hello guys , i follow this forum ( and many similars ) since many years but i decided only now to register as i willing to start my first cycle really soon ( and sorry for my english but i am italian and i learnt english by playing online games )
    i have 25 years old , I attend the gym for 7 years but in the first years i did 90% only cardio as i lost 30 kg ( 110kg x 174 cm ---- > 80 kg )
    even if i was young and i lost max 5kg a month my skin reacted really bad ,at 80kg I had a bad shape even after 5 years of training, excess skin and stubborn fat on the hips, belly and chest
    had surgey 16 months ago , abdominoplasty and diastasis with a small liposuction in homage to the chest , after 3 months of rest i restarted to train , and after few more months I started to have absurd results, my body woke up, from 1500 kcal of maintenance I went to 2300 kcal, I did not recover the strength I had but I definitely better shapes.
    i am at 77kg and i want hit 75kg before start my first test-e cycle ...
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