Your best max raw bench press

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Your best max raw bench press

  1. under 200lbs

  2. under 250lbs

  3. under 300bs

  4. under 350lbs

  5. under 400lbs

  6. under 450lbs

  7. under 500lbs

  8. under 600lbs

  9. under 650lbs

  10. under 700lbs

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  1. I suck at deads, was always mediocre at squats so I went with what worked....bench.

    Your best max raw bench press, natty or not post your numbers.
  2. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    370lbs paused in competition.
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  3. Halfthor

    Halfthor Member

    I hit 460 touch and go earlier this year and 405 pause rep. No shirt no wraps.
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  4. SwolevaDex

    SwolevaDex Member

    Maybe 285 on my best day... Maybe

    Definitely 275.
  5. ergomaniac

    ergomaniac Member

    so, just for the poll ill say under 700 lbs. somewhere between 699 lbs and just the bar :D.

    seriously though, ill say 315. not impressive, but ive never been a guy that likes to "max" out on any lift just for lbs. ive always been a "bodybuilder". and instead of just upping the poundage, id focus on a mind muscle connection and quality of contraction. the heavier ive benched, the more I feel it in my shoulders and triceps, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
    I never really like squats because im tall and probably not built well for them. those are my excuses and im sticking to them :).

    but I love deadlifts. I could pull 5 plates once upon a time, so maybe I got you there.
    pull ups, deadlifts, hanging leg raises, in a tri set, all in the squat rack. add some side laterals and/or upright rows for wider and thicker back, six+ pack abs, and boulder shoulders. thats mainly what id go to the gym for.
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  6. Johnny442

    Johnny442 Member

    495, touch and go. Been about 15 yrs ago! Lucky to pause 315 now, fawk!
  7. johntt44

    johntt44 Member

    According to the 1rm calculator it's 488 but most I've done ever is 470 raw. No gloves, wrist wraps or anything.
  8. Boxsquatter

    Boxsquatter Member

    565 FOR A DBL
  9. Brandaddy

    Brandaddy Member

    The most I've done was 345lbs at 195lbs at a mock meet our gym was doing a few months ago. 12 more weeks and I'm hoping to put up at least 385 I'll probably be closer to 220 at that time though.
  10. Ecstasy

    Ecstasy Junior Member

    I hit 325 about a month ago thats the highest my bench has ever been.
  11. Boxsquatter

    Boxsquatter Member

    385 @220 very nice
  12. RandallNowan

    RandallNowan Member Supporter

    286, paused. Man, my bench fucking sucks.
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  13. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    360 after 2 months of double steak smothered steak burritos from taco bell at 210 pounds.
  14. Dw725

    Dw725 Member

    390 lbs @ little less than 220 bodyweight. Don't max bench very often. I think everyone in the powerlifting thread knows I'm shooting for 405 by end of year.
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  15. Halfthor

    Halfthor Member

    When I'm shooting for something big I like to do negatives in the power rack with something heavier. So if I'm going for 405 I will do negatives with something like 425. That way when you go for it it doesn't seem so heavy.
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  16. 425 paused
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  17. Halfthor

    Halfthor Member

    All these big numbers were going to see some video evidence.
  18. gr8whitetrukker

    gr8whitetrukker Member Supporter

    No idea. Only thing these days i care about 1rpm is my front squat. I dont believe its a very good idea long term to be pressing the envelope on all those tiny joints in the upper body that a bench press stress to the max. Especially considering it has zero to do with my GOALS:D

    With that being said. I can hit 315 for 11 off cycle on da incline
    Pec builder of choice:cool:
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  19. Mc15

    Mc15 Member

    315 touch and go I can barley get 275 @ 163

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  20. Milk Man

    Milk Man Member

    315 for 11 on incline is beastmode imo
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