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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Scout200, May 4, 2011.

  1. Scout200

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    Everyone needs advice once in a while, as some advice is worth remembering. If you were to give one piece of workout advice, what would it be?
  2. jasthace

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    If you are a bodybuilder...concentrate on working and training the muscles, without throwing around big weights and stressing the joints and tendons.
  3. dennis

    dennis Member

    Train with someone with more experience than yourself.....
    Leave your superman cape at the door.....It don't mean shit what you can squat or bench !
    Body building is a marathon not a sprint....
    Set long and short term goals....

    Any of these four are good.
  4. Scout200

    Scout200 Junior Member

    Great advice! I'd also have to say that patience and consistency are key!
  5. Mr. Shoulders

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    Train hard...train correctly...get plenty of rest...drink water...:D
  6. bigrobbie

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    For people starting out lifting weights my best advise would be to focus on basic compound movements using strict, proper form.

    Advise to a veteran lifter would be not to forget the basic tried and true lifts, ie: bench press, squats, shoulder press. In other words; simple, form dependent compound lifts.

    Can you guys tell I'm a fan of compound movements, ha!
  7. dennis

    dennis Member

    Funny how many will work the shit out of bi,tri,and chest..but always forget deads,squats,rows etc...
  8. Thickneck

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    get a good negative on every rep . Feel the muscle working . Make the lift harder . Most people go to heavy and lift to fast IMO. Work to failure each set and go home . Listen to your body .
  9. bigrobbie

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  10. Dakota15

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    Great post.
    I advice you to go your nearly park and do running or jogging because i think exercise gives you more strength and energy. I also do running 45 minutes daily. You also do other exercise like walking and swimming.
  11. edgan1

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    Physical activity prevent you from diseases, help in weight losand weight managment and better sleep.
    Exercise make you happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out.
  12. jmills

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    I would say that you should learn to enjoy the process. Have fun with whatever it is you're doing. Thats it, in a nutshell.

    I've trained in several martial arts, did some powerlifting, some bodybuilding...been at something for 20 years. I've seen so many talented people come and go. They come in all fired up, some of them even start really getting to wherever it is they wanted to go...then they get thrown a curve (injury, plateaus, personal problems, etc..) and they just give up. they may still "work out" but they're just going through the motions at best. I've been there myself, a few times. But I think the difference is, and why I'm still going strong, is I've learned to enjoy the process whatever form that may take at the time. Dont get me wrong, its important to have long and short term goals, but I also think its important to not get so wrapped up in those goals that you stop having fun and appreciating and enjoying the basic process.
  13. Alexander

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    If you are beginner, so concentrate on working and training the muscles, without throwing around big weights and stressing the joints and tendons.
  14. TZTARZAN2000

    TZTARZAN2000 Member

    here's the 3 most important things, NUTRITION, NUTRITION, NUTRITION! :cool:
  15. moto1

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    I agree find enjoyment in the process, otherwise none of the other aspects will matter if you cannot get your self to the gym. Find a love of training.
  16. Desibaba

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    After bring around these boards for around 10 years now and lifting since i was 15 i think people make it much more complicated than it really is. The basics have always worked. Applies to the training, diet and drugs. New workout methods, supplements, drugs, peptides, myostatin inhibitors etc come and go like a flash in the pan.

    Bottom line is if you have been doing this for 10 years or so and you still arent gigantic chances are that while you may look 99 percent better than the average joe shmoe you wont ever look like a top pro bodybuilder so stop trying to find that magic pill or shot that will make you look like Jay Cutler or Phil Heath. Dont let it control your life and obsess over it. I have seen guys not enjoy their wedding dinner because they didnt want to go off their diet or miss a funeral because they didnt want to miss their workout. Its really not worth it to go to that extreme unless you are a top pro making big money from this sport.
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  17. rocco-x

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    ditto.the ego stays outside in the parking lot.don't worry if you're not moving the weights you see others doing.your day will come.also,find what works for you.might take alot of trial and error but i finally figured out mine after i hit my 40's...!