Your favorite delt exercise?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Outlier, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Outlier

    Outlier Member

    Which exercise is your favorite in terms of adding size to the deltoids?
  2. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    For me I like seated db presses..can go up to a 60lb db in each hand. Bent over laterals are also another great one I like.
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  3. Outlier

    Outlier Member

    I like seated DB presses but my gym only goes up to 100lb DB's. In fact, it's my favorite delt exercise.
  4. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member Supporter

    I wish I could go with the 100's but shoulder issues kept me back (my gym goes up to 130lbs db's)

    Facepulls are also great too!
  5. benchyourmom

    benchyourmom Member

    Barbell presses, you can use big boy weight then! 100lbs ain't a bad db press. You can get some quality squeeze with those!
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  6. ruckin

    ruckin Member

    Push press
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  7. Outlier

    Outlier Member

    I have tried front presses and the heavier the weight the worse my form is. For some reason, my back begins to arch and I feel like I am doing a standing incline bench press.

    I am thinking about going against the grain and giving behind the neck press a try. I may even start out with the smith machine just to keep form in check.
  8. benchyourmom

    benchyourmom Member

    Nah, check the ego. Quality reps over weight all day. Just make sure you're getting a good squeeze and staying under tension, the weight will take care of itself in time.
  9. ruckin

    ruckin Member

    If this is true then you have a very weak core, and if you care about staying healthy and injury free then you'd be smart to start fixing that
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  10. benchyourmom

    benchyourmom Member

    And this^^
  11. Outlier

    Outlier Member

    That's a very real possibility. Never crossed my mind.
  12. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    Side raises for 200 Alex. Honest front delts get hit all the time, between incline bench and standing barbell presses I think most people neglect the medial deltoid, which in a tank top side delt is a must.
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  13. benchyourmom

    benchyourmom Member

    I'll admit it's a problem area for myself... Fuckin hate it!
  14. Herder

    Herder Member Supporter

    Seated barbell press all day
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  15. Casto

    Casto Junior Member

    Overhead Press or lateral raises
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  16. RingMeister01

    RingMeister01 Member

    Seated barbell press. Burns like hell.

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  17. Lately Ive been doing standing presses with a ez-curl bar .
    Drop sets 175/150/135/120/105 . Then I go into dropset standing DB laterals with 25/20/15/12 lb'ers.

    Ive been working my rear delts also on back days...
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  18. Mc15

    Mc15 Member

    Push press then face pulls. My delts have always overpowered my upper body

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  19. D-Ballin

    D-Ballin Member

    Dumbell press, upright rows, side raises, reverse flyes.

    Number one has to go to the side raises though. The other heads get a decent workload with a good program, without isolation moves.
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  20. Jeremiahflex

    Jeremiahflex Member

    I've never done drop sets for lateral raises, sounds delicious though. I'll give it a try Thursday.
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