Your favorite mass building routine for a first timer

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by foxace36, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. foxace36

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    I'm on my first beginner cycle and am looking to change up my routine. I am looking to pack on a good amount of lean mass for this first blast. What is your favorite/go-to mass building program?
  2. Kinetic

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    Compound exercises gradually increasing weight until failure, Rinse and repeat 5-6x/week. Then eat clean, but eat like a fucking horse.
  3. bonacris

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    How long have you been training?
  4. gr8whitetrukker

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    Brother, you sound like a fresh faced noob jumping on the pin to get his gainz.
    What worked as a natty will work on gear. There is no secret all knowing all working regimen. The fact that your ON a good regimen is enough. Of course your question is very vague. BB's and PL's train differently even strongmen train differently. If your underdeveloped you need to train for strength. Infact you should post pone all future pinning until you know the direction your headed in. Vast amounts of good programs out there. Dont make your own
  5. foxace36

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    Been seriously training with a strict diet for over a year and a half. Been on/off for a few.

    I have a good program that I have been making good progress on. I have just been running it for so long that I wanted to try out something else, that's all. Thought y'all might have some good suggestions.
  6. Geterdun

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    If it's not broke, don't fix it. If your still making gains, keep making them. Don't change to just change. I'm looking in to new programs right now as well, but it's only because I feel I have to up my game to get where I want to be.
  7. gr8whitetrukker

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    Of course no program works forever
    If you got coin burning a hole in your pocket i would recommend John Meadows. He has several. All of them cost.

    We have tons of programs here. All in the training section.
    Heres one i had great success with
    Dual-factor Bodybuilding routine for Intermediate and Advanced lifters
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  8. bonacris

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    I'm been doing DC training the past while and I'm loving it. More growth, less time in the gym. Love it. New stretch marks every week
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  9. rjx

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    I think DC is great! And for someone fairly new to lifting, they can really grow fast in the beginning. However, one must spend time trying new movements and learning good form BEFORE starting DC (Doggcrapp). I can't wait to try DC on gear!
  10. rjx

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    You need to figure out which lifting and eating routine you'll do BEFORE starting gear. You need to have these crucial elements dialed in BEFORE so when you start your cycle, you'll have your goals and know exactly what you should do. Don't make it up as you go along.

    You only have one beginner cycle. So make sure you give yourself the best chance of succeeding. Create realistic goals and know how to realize your goals BEFORE starting any cycle.

    First blast? You don't need to be blasting anything on your first cycle. First cycles are generally 500mg of test per week. No other steroids.
  11. Xlgx

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    Stronglifts 5x5
  12. beameupscotty

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    Any routine that works for you will get you gains, but make sure to periodize and to approach each goal/week in a non-linear fashion. Example: If setting up your routine to fit a 12 week cycle, increase volume and intensity roughly every 3-4 weeks. Also, change up exercise order (there are studies that show efficacy for this approach and would be glad to post).

    I do not know how new you are to lifting or how well you know your body, but hitting each muscle group twice a week would be advised as would focusing on compound lifts versus isolation lifts. You could start with a basic upper/lower split and then progress into a 5 day split with an emphasis on power.

    4 Day Split
    Monday: Upper
    Flat Bench 4x8, 2min
    Bent-Over Barbell Rows 4x8, 2min
    Incline Bench 3x10-12, 1.5 min
    Lat Pulldowns or Weighted Pullups 3x10-12, 1.5min
    Military Press 4x8, 1.5min
    EzBar Curls 3x12, 45sec-1min
    Tricep Rope Extension 3x12, 45sec-1min

    Tuesday: Lower
    Squat 4x8, 2-3min
    Weighted Lunges 3x10-12, 2min
    Romanian Deadlifts 4x10, 2min
    Leg Press 3x15, 1.5min
    Seated Calves 5x10, 1min
    Standing Calves 5x25, 1min

    Repeat on Thursday and Friday
    Again, if you are past this level of lifting, you most likely wouldn't be asking questions about a routine
  13. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    The first time I did German
    volume strength training I picked up about 12 lbs from it. It worked for me but it's a boring workout , however very effective earlier on.
  14. showstoppa

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    If you have been lifting a while 5/3/1 bbb 3 month challenge or 5/3/1 building the monolith.

    If you haven't, I suggest going on the greyskull lp with the fm push-ups and chins.