Your preferred t3 dose

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  1. Evom1

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    Just a quick question. What do most of you find to be your preferred t3 dose for the best results while minimizing risk of muscle loss? Also asking with the assumption that diet, training, AAS and gh are all already in check.

    Just doing a bit of research and I know we have a lot of guys on here who hit awesome levels of conditioning. I personally have never pushed it beyond 50mcg or 75mcg
  2. Havah

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    Why t3 over t4? Honest question here
  3. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    Just the compound I'm inquiring about. Not comparing reasons to use one over the other
  4. JokerTime94

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    You dont really neues much t3 if you have a good diet and train hard.
    But if you want to use, start slow and move up if needed.
  5. Evom1

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    I know man, this is mostly a question for the guys who compete since it's more in regards to contest dieting, not the average person trying to get down to 10% or so

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  6. Mac11wildcat

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    I’ve never messed with t3 so I can’t help brother. Subb’d for input though.
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  7. size26s

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    Also I’ve never used t3 as well. I’ve used albuterol. Oral and injectable from Stanford
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  8. Evom1

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    I've always been curious on that injectable blend he's got
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  9. Big.E89

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    I use 25mcg t3 in prep and 100mcg T4. I try not to go any higher as I have in the past and have gotten extremely flat on even 50-75mcg to the point it's taken an entire week to fill back out.

    I think if all other variables are in check with diet, training and cardio that should be plenty to get considerably lean. I only use pharma grade t3/t4
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  10. Evom1

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    +1 on pharma. I don't see how you could trust a ugl with MCG especially for something that critical.

    Now do you feel 25mcg is effective? I ask because you always hear that your body makes 25mcg approximately
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  11. Big.E89

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    I definitely do, despite that being the consensus. I definitely notice a difference in fat loss in the first 4 wks of starting dosing
  12. Eman

    Eman Member

    Not to mention, pharma t3 really isn't expensive at all... I can't believe anyone would bother with UGL for it, or anything dosed by the mcg.
  13. Hacksaw Jim

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    Hey bro,, I personally never go over 50mcg a day on T3. I do have a habit to utilize it on cycle now because I feel it has a minor synergy effect combined with AAS,, especially with tren. I feel I can eat more and still stay lean on T3. I have also read on a lot of boards that T3 has a slight muscle catabolic effect at a dosage above 62mcg a day,,, so it may be wise to never go above 62mcg a day,, unless your into some really hard AAS or GH and insulin to put the catabolic effect at bay
  14. Mrway14

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    50mcg/day is my ideal dose
  15. Vipera1

    Vipera1 Member

    Went up to 150mcg with t4, and 75mcg t3.

    I actually prefer t4 as the body converts to t3 as needed.