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    Hi there!

    Despite of a quite good diet and 3 times sport / week, in the last few years I experimented an ABNORMAL increasing of abdominal fat. Never was like that before... Exams are good, I haven't any serious illness... And I am sure that is only a matter of... Age! That's it!
    Something changes in my hormon/methabolism balance, so I took tests and they confirm me I have a low plasmaT (485), Tfree (25), LH (2.92), A4 (1.11) and also low FT3 (2.6) so my doctor suggest me to privately start a rehab T based, but exogenous T scares me a little, so that's my way for now:

    1) improving the quality of my fitness activity
    2) improving my diet
    3) experimenting wisely some stimulants to balance my hormon/methabolism condition due to the age (AI / SERM)

    thanks for any suggestion and good shape to all of us!

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    Hello from Italy! Having been here 16 days I can tell you that it is most likely your diet along with your hormone levels. All I have eaten here is bread cheese and meat which is not very lean. Trying to find cheap chicken breast is basically impossible. I've tried to supplement my protein intake by eating your seafood but it gets very expensive. Will you please list your diet?
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    Hello Rockclimber,
    I think I have a sort of Paleo Diet: chicken, cow, fish, eggs, milk, vegetables, coffee, dry fruits, 30mg whey proteins... not large doses, overall...
    And no bread, no pasta, no pizza never! :-D

    have a nice holidays!
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