Zentech Laboratories??

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  1. VasodiL8

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    Has anyone heard of this lab? I have a few vials on hand from a trusted source but cannot find anything about them online. Hoping someone can provide some info. Nice one lads

  2. Tenfold

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    did you ever try your zentec out how was it if so

    HIGHRISK Member

    Guess he's not too trusted huh lol
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  4. Tenfold

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    have you ever tried this lab or heard anything of it well other then this lmao which doesnt say much
  5. VasodiL8

    VasodiL8 Member

    Source is trusted 100% which is why i chose to take the zentech gear. Zero pip and first time using arachis oil. Finished off my test deca cycle with their mast which dried me out nicely and took away any bloat and hardened me up. Overall, i finished my cycle nice and hard with 17lbs of bodyweight added so ye i would use them again and he gets a lot of this labs products.
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