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    We are a new mono-brand store.
    Only original products of Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co Ltd (ZPHC) are presented in our store. You can verify all of them on official website of manufacturer.
    Delivery is carried out by USPS. Delivery time 2-5 days.
    We specialize ONLY in domestic shipping, which minimizes the risk for the customer.
    The products of Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd (ZPHC) are known for high quality and best prices on the market.
    Everything you see on the website is already in stock. We plan on greatly expanding the range of both injected and oral drugs.

    Our shop guarantees:
    - The best prices
    - 100% genuine products
    - Privacy protection
    - Tracking code for every package
    - Short delivery times

    We are always happy to answer your questions.

    Kind Regards,
    ZPHC Domestic Team


    e-mail: info@zphcdomestic.com


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  2. First, bitches!
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    Friday’s dawgggg fridaysssss
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  4. Any plans on carrying orals? More injectables?
  5. ZPHC_Domestic

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    Of course, the variety will increase shortly, including orals, we'll make an update once there is something new in stock.
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    Innnnn, let's go, release the hounds, we want to see lab pics, test results and also and most important, quality booty pictures.
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    The prices are steep, i can get opiox or sp stuff for cheaper, why bother getting from you?
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    Why do I have a feeling this thread will die off quickly!!
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    Because they’re Chinese, dammit! Any other stupid questions???? :p
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    I thought Friday was new source unveiling day at Meso!
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    Oh my bad, ok then, sumo gains here I come!
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    He is not sticking to reply, not fun at all...
  13. Indeed it is. Maybe it's Friday in whatever province or village or what have you that's spelled with 3 X's that they're in?
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    Well hopefully you did not bring much, his attempt is pathetic...
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    Well your loss, i was about to do a 1000$ order, i got my money here ready
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    @ZPHC_Domestic what is the connection between zphc and moldova? why some moldovan wholesalers have in stock zphc with wholesalers price? zphc is based in China but you have also a big stock in Moldova? I can't understand ...
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    Your selection blows
  19. bob357sig

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    40 bucks for test P. Domestic or not thats a good chunk of change for something we all know how cheap the raws really are, especially Chinese raws
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  20. ZPHC_Domestic

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    We will provide the pictures, but unfortunately it can't be done immediately, as we are waiting for manufactury to send them.