zuche pharmaceuticals us domestic ?

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  1. hey guys so came across another source zuche pharmaceuticals he is supposedly based in atlants georgia has some decent prices on axio labs gen-shi bulkan and Kalpa also has raws listed at what appears to be to be decent prices from what i can find on the net is zuche is from india but he assures me thats their home office and he is in the usa and ships from within the us he says for payments he take wire transfer wu mg and paypal , whats everyone think ? anyone dealt with ? not that it would matter but i asked if he was involved with l,e or gbi he denied ofcourse also has not been pushing for me to make an order and has answered most every question in a timely manner
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    what are his testing protocols to ensure he has any clue what he's getting from his suppliers and shipping out to his customers
  3. hey rpbb sorry for my late response (at work) but good question im still waiting for his response about that , ill be honest though im not really intertested in any raws as i dont plan on brewing , but you dont think thgis zuche pharma sounds kinda farfetched ?
  4. ok just got an email back an he states they have high quality products an will suppoly a small sample order for testing .
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    If you do some reading on this site, you'll find alot of sources that have been reviewed with bloodwork and labmax testing, plus you can check out anaboliclab.com and find sources that have been lab tested. Alot easier than guessing
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  6. I hear you bro i dont recall seeing anything about zuche on there though
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    That's @rpbb's point! Go with someone proven instead of taking a chance on someone you know jack shit about... Unless your dead set on giving this guy your money, then by all means.
  8. Yeah not trying to give anyone money lol i hear you guys thanks
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