David Soares Compares Signature Pharmacy to Cocaine Cartels

David Soares was quoted comparing Signature Pharmacy to the powerful 1980s era cocaine cartels (at least the Hollywood version). Perhaps he sees himself as the star anti-steroid crusader in a future movie adaption about the steroid trafficking investigation?:

They’re living the lifestyle of the Tony Montanas of the ’70s and ’80s because they’re drug dealers…

The Albany District Attorney has spearheaded the investigation into the distribution of growth hormone, anabolic steroids and ancillary drugs by Signature Pharmacy and a network of longevity clinics. Physicians around the country were allegedly paid to write steroid prescriptions for patients they never examined.

The Alabany District Attorney’s office seized the customer records of Signature Pharmacy; names of prominent athletes and, more recently, movie and music celebrities have subsequently been leaked to the media.  Soares claims his goal is to dismantle a steroid distribution network responsible for funneling anabolic steroids and related drugs into the State of New York; he is not really interested in exposing athletes and celebrities who use anabolic steroids and growth hormone. Yet, the names of steroid-using athletes and celebrities seem to be leaked on a regular basis.

I wonder why the names of any state of federal politicians have not been released? Chances are that there are many prominent politicians whose testosterone replacement therapy prescriptions were filled by Signature Pharmacy; I am guessing there are more politicians than professional athletes. Of course, this would not serve the political purpose of the DA’s office.

Don’t forget that Signature Pharmacy was one of the largest compounding pharmacies in the country for anabolic steroids. A large percentage of the customers likely had legally valid medical prescriptions with bona fide doctor-patient relationships. I’m sure they are not happy that the privacy of their medical records is in the hands of the Albany District Attorney’s Office and those “confidential sources” that are leaking the names.


Signature Compounding Pharmacy anabolic steroid distribution scandal and Albany County District Attorney David Soares
Signature Compounding Pharmacy anabolic steroid distribution scandal and Albany County District Attorney David Soares

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