Using Steroids to Prepare for a Drug-Tested Physical Performance Evaluation at Work

Using Steroids to Prepare for a Drug-Tested Physical Performance Evaluation at Work

Q: “I have a very demanding physical test for work coming up in just 8 weeks. I'll be drug-tested but I've learned that almost all the guys already having the job are using, and the drug test will be very basic. I have all the muscle mass I need and actually expect to trim muscle down to improve my running, as I don't have much fat to lose. I've got the strength requirements … [Read more...]

United States Attorney General Praises Use of Terrorism Laws to Disrupt Illegal HGH Market

Jintropin human growth hormone (hGH)

United States Attorney General Eric Holder praised the Justice Department's use of terrorism laws to disrupt the illegal distribution of human growth hormone (hGH) during his remarks at a Justice Department leadership conference. Holder celebrated the use of the Patriot Act to eliminate a top supplier of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). The Patriot Act law "permitted" the … [Read more...]

Bodybuilders, Personal Trainers and Gym Owner Arrested in Texas Steroid Bust

Brock Falkenhagen indicted on federal steroid distribution charges

Operation Farmacia de Juicy Phruit is the code name for the major steroid bust in Houston led by the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department involving the arrest of 73 defendants. The "largest narcotics operation in the history of Fort Bend County" primarily involved the arrest of personal trainers, their clients, bodybuilders, a professional bodybuilder and a gym owner in the … [Read more...]

Bodybuilder Jay McGwire Details Brother Mark McGwire’s Use of Deca Durabolin and HGH

Jay McGwire claimed Mark McGwire used anabolic steroids, Deca Durabolin, and human growth hormone (hGH)

Former amateur bodybuilder Jay McGwire, the youngest brother of baseball player Mark McGwire, is fighting for the honor of being the first person to have introduced and injected Mark McGwire with anabolic steroids. The younger McGwire is trying to sell a manuscript entitled "The McGwire Family Secret: The Truth about Steroids, a Slugger, and Ultimate Redemption" that details … [Read more...]