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    ANYWAYS, can anybody report how the turn around on INT Raws to East Coast is looking. You know, theoretically, for research purposes...

    I feel like this thread should be only about getting info from said source. I would suggest y'all go start your own thread but, I'm more inclined to say y'all should just go get a fucking room.

    So much gay tension between y'all... Jeez... Don't be ashamed of who you really are... All that macho posturing and bragging, everybody knows that comes from repressing your true sexual self. You can always spot someone trapped in the closet by their defensive and aggressive nature...
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    With how confrontational and aggressive you are acting you would think you are fighting MMA, not bodybuilding. In that instance, your high is not an advantage.

    I hate people who act like you are acting right now. That's the reason bodybuilders get a bad rap. That classic Meathead, 3 year long cycle, tren and 2 sugars with your coffee type of BS.

    WHY ARE YOU SO INSECURE AND THREATENED FOR? Studies have shown that people tend to act like that when they fear that they are sexually inadequate, simply meaning they fear their dick is way smaller than everyone else's... That's science, look it up...

    Now you know why girls laugh. It's not because you're funny.
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    Bro seriously get off my dick. Look i didnt start this shit. These bitches started talking shit first. They have no pictures or nothing just faceless trolls. I talk shit but i can back it up. As for these guys well they just talk. I walk it how i talk it bro. You coming at the wrong one. I put over 10 years into this 20 inch arms who are they to talk to me?
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    I seriously can't imagine you being successful at anything in life other than picking things up and putting them down.

    You are such a badass man. Leaving a legacy behind...

    Where's a trophy? Do you even have any? Do you even compete? Or just a closet basement lifter?
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    I swear all you guys do is talk about my dick lmfao!!!! Who is homo? Its either i cant get hard cause i juice or my dick is small lmfao!!! Get off my dick. I can post a pic of my dick if u want and make you all look more lame. Everything on me is bigger than you. You guys just aint on my level you are all hating cause you aint on my level. Btw you look no bigger than 180lbs little man lololol!!!!!
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    Like i said i cant even take you faceless profiles seriously man. I walk it how I talk it. You just talk. Ya I talk shit but I can back it up. You. You aint shit
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    So you got literally nothing in your life to show other than your fat ass in your YouTube videos. That sir is a feat that no other human can compete with.

    Badass man. So hardcore... Congrats master picker upper.
  8. Philmo

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    Where is your pic bro lmfao!!!! You cant sit here and talk shit with no pic you fucking loser lol. Honestly i dont even think you lift. Your just a troll
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    You are the one that needs to show off. Lets see some trophies picker upper!

    I'm done now... it's just not fair to beat up on someone as dumb as yourself. I honestly am starting to feel bad for someone who lacks as much as you do in life. No wonder why you gotta go around thumping your chest. It's all you got...
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    Whoooooo the delusion is strong in this one lmfao!!! Bitch nigga you will never ever ever ever ever ever get on my level hoe!!!! Just did back barbell rows 365lb like nothing. I would crush you and thow you to the wind boy. I bet you have baby 16 in arms lol. Not even probably 15 lmfao!!!!!!! Yes go away with your worthless self fucking loser put your head down in shame . Look in the mirror and feel shame haha. You made me laugh today thank you
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    Where’s the fckin YouTube link? I’m not trying to dig through pages of internet arguing and flexing to find it.
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    Bro it was just a couple of pages back. Anyways fine. here are legit 20 inch arms and 27inch thighs cold.... . Like I said we bodybuild no such thing as perfect always room for improvement i welcome constructive criticism but most guys on here just talk shit and they dont even have pics or vids of themselves. I sacrificed my time my social life my health for years for this shit . These guys on here talking shit I don't even know if they lift. Ridiculous. Btw as I said in a earlier post judging your profile pic you look fit i can't tell how big you actually are in your profile pic but you look fit . I give respect to those who put in the work and actually achieved something
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    fast shipping. ty
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    The dead, thoughtless look in your eyes matches the content of your posts.

    Also, your legs suck.
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    Not to mention his fucking face in his avi and videos. This shit is funny.
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    [PERSONALLY-IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION DELETED. Posting personally-identifiable information about members is strictly prohibited.]

    Karma Is a Bitch
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