Pro Pharm Labs Pleads Guilty to Federal Steroid Distribution Charges

Pro Pharm Labs - Bryan Greggory Wilson and April Wilson

Bryan Wilson of Pro Pharm Laboratories pleaded guilty to federal steroid distribution and money laundering charges as a result of Operation Raw Deal. Bryan Wilson and with his ex-wife, April Wilson, partnered illegally in the underground steroid business as well as legally in the “Smoothie Shop” located inside the Maximum Edge Discount Sport Supplement Store in Columbia.

Investigators amassed significant evidence in the case including the use of a confidential informant on to contact and purchase steroids from “Pro Pharm” as well as video surveillance of April Wilson shipping multiple steroid packages at the local post office. Bryan Wilson was arrested in September 2007 at a Kansas City UPS Store when he picked up approximatel one kilogram of steroid powder imported from the Qingdao province in eastern China; vials of Pro Pharm Labs trenbolone, testosterone, and oxandrolone inexplicably included a Kansas City zip code on the label as well (“Columbia man pleads guilty to charges of distributing anabolic steroids,” August 25).

Bryan Wilson’s plea agreement includes details about shipments delivered to his home from companies connected to steroid manufacturing, including a company that sells conversion kits used to turn testosterone powder into an injectable steroid. According to the agreement, investigators used a confidential source to contact Bryan Wilson through e-mail to order anabolic steroids.

The plea agreement also states that multiple bank accounts shared since 2002 by Bryan and April Wilson were used to conceal drug trafficking profits alongside income from the business they co-owned.

Bryan Wilson could face up to 30 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $1 million, according to the news release. The plea agreement states that Wilson will be sentenced at a later hearing.

The steroid investigation targetting Missouri steroid distribution was codenamed Operation Juice Box; it was a largescale, multi-jurisdictional operation involving the Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, IRS-Criminal Investigation, the Columbia, Mo., Police Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and MUSTANG (the Mid-Missouri United Strike Team and Narcotics Group).

In addition to Bryan Greggory Wilson and April Dawn Wilson, Operation Juice Box resulted in the prosecution of Mikal Gunn Schrage of Powerline Labs and Jason Ray Varner.

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