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    Every time I see an alert from this thread i get fucking excited...
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    I liked 24k but his gear had a habit of crashing. I still have prop and a little bit of cyp... Cyp crashed repeatedly, it was a common complaint.

    This thread/source has been romanticized.
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  5. Crashed = Compound.
    I like compound in my gear... Lmao
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    Crashed means SOMETHING fell out of solution. It does not mean that something was a steroid.
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    Showing my age but can’t resist
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    Yikes... You have set a real high standard for yourself, huh?

    A first time brewer can make test cyp that won't crash. 24k couldn't get it right after it was a known issue, with repeat complaints.
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    either someone liked to refrain from heat during brewing or they walked a fine line with how much solvent they use. I've run into crashing cyp on my own from low solvent percentage, obviously exacerbated by the wonderful new England cold.

    Maybe 24k was from a really warm climate?
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    I always assumed it was a very fine line with the solvents. I do suspect he was from a warm climate.

    But still... My gear is always in the same place, very good temp control and doesn't get cold. But eventually, that shit would fall out of solution. The only gear I've ever had that crashed.
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    Hmmm, my guess is a combo of low solvents and lack of heat exposure. Did they overdose the gear or was it generally dosed correctly? MCT as a carrier? Did Meso even have testing options back then? Sorry for the 20 questions so early on a Sunday morning lol.

    I think that's the biggest complaint that I've read about 24k other than a gmail account (which was short lived I think?). Really not bad going by today's standards.
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    Yeah, now that you say that, I recall that he did... I can't recall by how much though. I think 50mg/ml extra? IIRC, you were taking 600mg when you thought you were taking 500mg... It might have been 400=500 though.

    Meso did have testing back then but it wasn't as prevalent.

    24k sent out a batch of tren and complaints started coming in that people thought it was underdosed. People weren't getting sides and generally thought the gear was underdosed. So the gear got sent away to SIMEC, I think, for testing. In the meantime, 24k sent some people replacements to keep everyone happy BEFORE test results even came back. He was catching some real shit for this whole thing. Fast forward several weeks down the road, the results came back and they showed that the tren was perfectly dosed. It was within pharma dosing standards, if I'm not mistaken... The bitching came to a stop and people acted like it never happened, and 24k didn't complain at all from what I remember... I can't remember him ever getting an attitude or being unprofessional when the heat was on.

    That is why, despite crashing and some other issues with the gear, 24k is romanticized.
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  14. He was definitely professional.
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    Yeah but that is cyp though, doesn’t like everything over 250 crash with cyp?

    10 bucks says he was overdosing.
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    Not necessarily. You can get anything to hold, just depends on what you want to do to get it to hold.

    He was definitely overdoing it though. That's still no excuse because there was a lot of complaints about it... Easily fixed.

    I'm hardly an expert brewer and I've never had a problem with cyp.
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    I remember at the end there he was selling some black tren. Not sure what ever happened with that or why the tren turned black.
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    Wtf?! Black? Sounds like motor oil. Haha