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    Good luck with your future abscess.
  2. Stfup.dumbfuck
  3. Some more arl.received a nice size little pack yesterday be4 leaving for San Diego’s Comic-Con.thanks arl.
    Winny clen. And a bit more.

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    What dafuq is arl?
  5. Anabolic c research labs
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    How is Comic Con?
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  7. Good the kids loved it..
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    How was your weekly nambla meeting?
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    Never been to one nor ever supported such an organization
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    Looking closer at the test e it looks solid. Like coconut oil when it starts to solidify. I have heard of gear being brewed with coconut oil, and becoming solid when the temps are lower.
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  12. Do tell why r they a sinking boat cause I just got another big order inn on sat.
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    Nobody gives a fuck how much free gear you get.
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  14. Fuck u no free gear u shill piece of shit
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    Your the fucking paid shill or local reseller you fuck. Always posting pictures of stashes like they’re gonna quick selling their fuckin sugar pills
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  16. Nope sorry shill get your shit outta here been in the game long enough shill.gtfo.
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    Your obviously getting something for making these posts from ARL, or you wouldn't continue to post pictures of what you ordered. It doesn't benefit the board when you post pictures so it has benefit you.
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  18. Nope cause if so I’d only post pics. Of arl gear and I deff. Don’t so I keep posting there’s as much as I want and whatever else gear I get from anyone
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    With the thousands you seem to be dropping on arl gear, you must be a) loaded, b) huge and ripped.... Ya know with the gear being "fire" and all....
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  20. As I said not always Arl. But enough deff.