ASF down for routine maintenance?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by lifter6973, Jul 8, 2020.

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    admin admitted he was rob just recently. After all that time lol
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    I missed that!!! Why would any source still source there?
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    Idk man it’s crazy if you think about it. It’s like playing with fire for some extra sales
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    Yeah I’m done with ASF knowing that
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    Didn't asf like triple sponsors over the year.
  7. Mighty-mouse

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    Wouldn’t surprise me if another big bust coming. Over this shit
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    @sherk you got the access to scrub all my post and account over there?
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    I mean give me the trapstar treatment on my account
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  10. Yeah I remember that. Someone asked if he was going to comment on the same post. And he said something like 'I can't comment until the legal proceedings are over' which was an admission it was him
  11. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    He lost his cool and felt the need to puff out his chest and brag about how successful he was. Whoopsies!
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    tren is a hella of drug.
  13. Interesting because I was the one that threw up the red flag, and no one listened. But DiMaggio edited my posts, got his pos Supermods Vision and HFO to say I turned into a sociopath, a drunk, a mental case, and started a push to discredit me. I think Jswole can relate. Sounds like a mob boss huh? And Vision claimed to be good friends with me... all in the mod forum over there, and he saw my pathetic demise, lol. What a fucking liar. I never trusted that prick or ever met him although he asked me several times. Turned him down every time because I know an asshole when I see one
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    Sounds like Asf to me. Comedy.
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    yeah- still glitchy over there- I dont think anyone can post by the looks of it- I know I cant stay logged on
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    Same here...even after clearing cookies still can't stay logged in there nor can I post. Seems an update made things quite wonky.
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    I’d say the lack of porn here means the shit is overdosed as most of us are out fucking real women and men.
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    Hmmm how would we word this like a shit source

    Asf - owner Rob Dimaggio has been arrested and plead guilty for distribution of aas

    Plead guilty most likely to rat on black stone lab guys and give evidence

    Still runs one of the biggest steroid boards on the net.

    Has ample amount of evidence to give the feds on labs. He is facing 20+ years

    Stay the fuck away from there! Also mods and reps can be indicted too. If I remember correctly mods
    Do get paid for services.

    Ask yourself will he do time for you....... prob not everyone is free game and a pawn in the game.

    Stay away do not order lol
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    I thought it was real weird when he offered to start paying mods after all this shit went down.
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    No worries. He used cryptocurrency. o_O
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