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  1. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    You’ll get your stuff for sure, it’s just too many delays recently
  2. Norse13

    Norse13 Member

    I made another, small order for orals only, received them today. Took exactly 14 days from payment to delivery. It may not be the quickest service, but prices are decent, I've never had any quality issues, and I've always got my stuff.
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  3. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    I haven´t been so lucky, there has been some delay but support is on point and they have made yet again another reship, i hope this one is the final one.
  4. Zarioh

    Zarioh Member

    did your previous orders get seized or just not send?
  5. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    If you are refering to this one i´m talking about, they simply said it got lost, never got to my country and last update was "sent abroad"
    I had 2 orders with them before and it only took around 10 days but this one has been a pain in the ass, they need to get with the times, TP and adnan offer express shipping, waiting so long for this shit to arrived is getting old.
    As i said before support has been nice tho
  6. Zarioh

    Zarioh Member

    Ah okay thx for answer
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  7. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    In general they are quite shitty in everything except the prices...
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  9. cadafi

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    Blind sample done by jano, i had my difference with Ashop mostly for the fucking shipping times, but they sell legit stuff and they deliver in the end

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  10. Den84

    Den84 Member

    Thank you brother for sharing lab report and feedback about this source. Balkan new line is too difficult to counterfeit. So who sell balkan pharma new line, is selling only original product.
  11. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Thank you Den for all the helpful tests you’ve shared
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  12. Snipe_HNIC

    Snipe_HNIC Member

    Thank you contributing! I’ve used these guys a few times, always come through. Thanks for posting.
  13. Norse13

    Norse13 Member

    Thank you for sharing. Looks like their stuff is all legit. Their shipping times suck, but for me it's worth it, I always order long time in advance anyway. I'm too old to experiment with different sources, I just stick to ashop and a couple others that I trust (basicstero).
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  14. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Yes this last order for me was a pain in the ass apparently they had a post office inspection i almost came to believe what some here claimed of selective scamming but thankfuly i already got my order, support was always there tho, also their hcg from sp labs that i have been running for months now for my trt protocol gives better testicular function than pharma grade ovitrelle, that is how insane good that hcg is also i notice alot more semen and for less than 17 eur the vial, but when running out i won’t order from them again if order may take up to 2 month to get to arrive, like you say i’ll have to order months ahead, previous orders (2) only took like 12 days or so
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