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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ashop, Dec 28, 2018.

  1. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    We are working on it, we really are.. New location opened, hope it goes well.

  2. iamnightowl

    iamnightowl Member

    So if i order now will i deal with any delays?
  3. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    We changed locations, so if the product is in stock, you will get it in time.

  4. juanchoknicks

    juanchoknicks Junior Member

    Ashop delivered received stuff in 12 days already checked autentification on sp website and Balkan all good
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  5. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Great to hear, it´s a great source only hoping they maintain this level of delivery speed.
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  6. therealj

    therealj Junior Member

    This is a blast from the past, I had many interactions with Alin back in the early 2000's, all were positive. The testosterone phenylpropionate I used to get from him is my all time fav.
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  7. Omegistosalex

    Omegistosalex Member

    Any new promos coming up?
  8. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Test enan vial 10 ml.jpeg Result vial 10 ml TE.jpeg
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  9. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Cipandrol.jpeg Result Cipandrol.jpeg
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  10. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Ideal for us on TRT not to split 1 mg pills ;) how ever i´d appreciate pills in their package next time.
    Still pending on cabergoline 0.25 mg result

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  11. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    Maybe this week, keep an eye on our shop!
  12. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    Thank you for sharing it with us!

  13. Den84

    Den84 Member

    Thank you very much @cadafi for your contribution, I also tested a sp product (super tren ) little overdosed, you can see the result on steroid lab testing section. I Don’t shared here because I bought from another source
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  14. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Thank you brother
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  15. ashop

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    Meet this new season together with Ashop and our 35% off Discount = 20% for every paid order + 15% for BitCoin payments.

    * The Discount is available only for Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Laboratories and Stealth Juice products.
    * The Offer is valid 04-19 September 2019.
    * During the Promo Bulk Prices not available.
    * The promo will not be applied for the products from Hot Prices and Cycles & Kits category.

    Hurry up, you simply can't miss this discount!
    Check out our products right now on Auth .

    Warmest regards, Team
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  16. 24hreup-rep

    24hreup-rep Member do you ship in original packaging if requested? Also I sent you a pm.
  17. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    Almost all the tabs from the Hot prices category are loose, but all the amps and also the pills by Balkan Rebranding are sent only in their original package.

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  18. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    Ok there is something i have been always wondering, why if the boxes are made to carry 10 amps, why do you sell 5?? i mean i know it´s not only you but every source selling balkan gear do this, is there a reason for this ??
  19. pfdept59

    pfdept59 Member

    I the last 3 months i have had 7 orders from Ashop,all arrived to the us in 9 to 12 days.I am very pleased with Ashop and the excellent customer service.Ariel is number one!!
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  20. ashop

    ashop Member Supporter

    No reason, we do it just because not everyone needs the whole box, so we try to make the products accessible for everyone.

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