Degenerative Disc Disease and lifting

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    I wanted to add that sumo deadlifts have been a gamechanger for me too.

    I have a few issues with my back: "moderate degenerative disc disease in L5–S1"; "transitional anomaly with lumbarization of S1"; "anterolisthesis grade I of L4 on L5 in connection with a bilateral isthmic lysis of L4"; "Modic type I changes"; "forameninal stenosis L4-L5 bilaterate predominantly on the right"

    I dropped deadlifts completely a couple years ago when the back pain became incapacitating for almost a week after every session. I could barely walk much less train or do anything else.

    This was a difficult decision for me since I lived for deadlifts (conventional). Nothing else gave me more joy in the gym.

    There was no shortage of exercises to workout around the injury. Hammerstrength has an amazing variety of machines. But nothing could compare to the deadlift. So I was still a little lost.

    I have to say that the recent gym closures to Covid-19 has been one of the best things to have happened for my training. With no access to hammerstrength or any other type of back-friendly equipment, it forced me to rely on barbells and dumbbells -- and revisit deadlifts.

    Of course, I tried conventional deadlifts once again thinking perhaps things would be different now. (Since I gave up deads, I have had many a recurring dream about randomly doing deadlifts and being strong as ever without pain.)

    But no.

    A week later, after I recovered, I attempted sumo dumbbell deadlifts. No pain. Encouraging.

    The next week, I tried sumo barbell deadlift. Still no pain.

    And ever since then, I've been gradually ramping up the poundages with sumo deadlifts. Still no pain.

    But not only that. The overall back pain is probably less severe than it's been in years.

    So yeah, sumo deadlifts :D
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences and now I'm definitely sold as well!
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