Dont make my mistake!

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by jbeg1985, Mar 17, 2017.

  1. Kinetic

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    Holy hell, that looks painful as fuck. I'd definitely head to an urgent care and get that drained before it spreads further.

    Good luck, bro. And good looking out. If that POS's gear did that, he needs to be put on blast more than ever now.
  2. Savagesteve

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    Holy shit man that looks terrible! if I were you I'd also make a thread stating dlabs infection or something and post the pic in there to keep other guys like yourself from buying that mud puddle gear.

    PIZZABOY Member

    I'm sorry I didn't take you more seriously earlier. Now your running fever? You have no idea what was in it. GO SEEK MED ADVICE. NOW, don't squeeze it don't poke it.
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  4. Nedural

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    How could a thing like this happen??
  5. NickTheGreek

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    Depends what's in the gear I suppose...
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  6. eje1990

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    God damn... I hope everything works out in your favor.
  7. Ripped

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    I'm sorry for you brother this is why we tried to warn you guys. I know how it is to be impatient but when it comes to your health better to really do your homework. Good luck and keep us posted.

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  8. Woah that thing is huge. Get that taken care of.
  9. SuperMaroid

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    That pic doesnt look so good. When are you going to the doctor?
  10. DHulk

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    You need antibiotics now! Damn homie! Go to the doctor now!
  11. franchise24

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    Shit 23gx1.5 is rather large pinning VG, quads and Delts.
  12. Zdzd929

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    Fucking @Gutta gear..

    Hope everything turns out alright bro, sending positive thought and vibes that way
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  13. DrinkFlintWater

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    Jesus christ bro....thats awful
    Fuck you:

    @jbeg1985 ill pray for you bro! WBCs probably through the fucking roof right now
  14. TRT

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    That second pic looks like mine. It'll go away brother. It's just bad pip IMO. I just can't put my finger on what though which is weird.
  15. jbeg1985

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    Left the clinic about an hour ago, was given a shot of pinacilin and 800 ibuprofen. There was an infection and a lot of inflamed muscle. I told them the truth and the doc told me that he did not think any bacteria could have made it threw the .22 filter i was using. But he couldnt give me any real info because he said there is no telling what is all in the vial. I should be fine going forward but should take about three days for the lump to go back to normal
  16. Ripped

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    I glad to hear that bro. I'm sure no one has to warn you anymore lesson learned I hope. Gl

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  17. MindlessWork

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    I had that same issue and it did turn out to be a bad injection. Keep an eye on it and if it becomes really painful or very hot to the touch there could well be an infection. See a doc asap in that case.

    Edit: Good you took care of it. So toss the gear now. That turdball @Gutta needs to gtfo.
  18. Eman

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    You should post pictures in the source thread to warn others before they make the same mistake.
  19. Just Fish

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    Looking at the picture it's obvious you are a fucking impatient moron. You have zero muscle and you've taken 4 fucking cycles. Maybe you should have developed something or anything natural before you started using steroids. Now you fucking rush into buying an unknown lab and give yourself an infection. You were fucking warned you stupid motherfucker. You deserve to have your ass rot off you fucking clown. Maybe now you will fucking learn to be patient and do things the right way. I highly fucking doubt it so just use the rest of the dlabs brew and get it over with
  20. Eman

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    Once, just fucking once, I hope you'll contribute something more to this forum than being a shit talker.