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    Damn. If Ironvet got hacked, maybe we are all hacked!

    Yeah, you're all hacked. But I won't do anything with it if PurplePandaLabs pays 0.5BTC.

    If not, yeah, emails have been dumped a while back. Other shops paid 2500$ or 5000$. Not a single user was hacked nor information leaked. They choose to lie to you all and now they're paying.
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    Well fuck you you low life piece of shit.
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    I'm a criminal. Yes. But I keep my word and I tried to get everything solved without doing any of this shit.

    Also, read his posts and those of PurplePanda. They lied to all of you, took no ownership of their mistakes, and now they and their customers are paying for it. I make no excuses for myself but they should be ashamed of the service they provide.
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    Hey man, can you write something cool under my name?

    (Like I'm secretly gay or something.)
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  6. That's about as good as it gets. :D

    On a serious note, this is another feather in the cap for those that complain of sources using websites to sell their goods.

    As we can see, Johnny Scumbag there has shown us all how source websites can come back and bite users in the ass.
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    You know you can always count on me being gay for ya.

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    Hey boys as you've heard shit went down quickly but as panda said in his thread, we brought a security breach analyst into our fold and said we had nothing to worry about. a SQL injection vulnerability on our site for all these years would've resulted in tons of data breaches, so thats impossible.

    Most of these passwords and emails are a result of other accounts on BoP and whatever other steroid forum was mentioned in Baker's thread.

    I highly urge anyone who has an account on these sites to change them on mine. With that said, it is business as usual here.
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    Most but not all. So for those who aren’t even on BoP and who got hacked on here, please explain.
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  10. Yeah, i'm perplexed. Both PPL and DO say they weren't hacked and not everyone that was compromised visits BoP.

    There has to be a common denominator in all of this, but i'm not seeing it yet.

    ( i think it was @WeMadeItToAndromeda ) said that the hacker posted personal information in DO's thread. By the time i got there, Millard had already removed it.

    What exactly was that personal information? Just some emails from a hacked account or customer information from one of the two sites?
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    Actual names and addresses, not just email addresses.
  12. This. I happened to be looking at DO's thread when I got an alert that someone had replied to it. I went to see what it was and saw that the hacker and said "Karma is a Bitch" and then posted a pastebin with people's addresses, names and email addresses. I immediately tagged Millard, who deleted the information.
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    Well I mean, that’s what happens when you make an account on a website. Your information stays there until you delete your account lol. Everyone who had their name on that list should have been aware of that fact prior to ordering. I mean, do you think these guys delete users accounts? No, you signed up for an account, and your info stays in their database until it’s either deleted or you email them and request it to be deleted.

    Imagine going to make an order and you see “account does not exist/wrong information”. It’s not logical at all for them to delete user accounts. If you care about your information being deleted once your order has arrived, you either need to order via email, or order and make sure your information is deleted afterwards.
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    Did anyone save this list? Man I’d feel a lot better knowing I wasn’t on it...

    So if it’s just names, addresses, and emails... that’s just your user account info. Nothing tying the names to actual orders?
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    My guess would be those were sources that were posted, but it was in a pastebin and I’m sure af not visiting that site to copy it.
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    The list was posted by the scammer/extortionist as a scare tactic for the source. You guys aren’t special, nobody is coming after your individual personal information.

    Watch, I’m wrong and you all get emails saying “I’ll tell all of your moms your on gear unless you pay me .5 BTC!” :D:D
  17. Jokes on you bruv. My mom knows I'm on gear!
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    I cannot log into my DO account.

    Now I know something is up because my pw was saved.

    I've entered it manually and it does not take my pw.
  19. DragonOrdnance

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    We do an annual wipe of all accounts every year, which so happened to be this July. All customers also have a button which says "delete account" on their account page if they so wish, wiping all the data.

    I can't really comment on it as I just don't know. We brought a security breach analyst a month ago when it this happened in August, who told us our site is safe from entry level attacks such as an SQL injection. There are zero traces of anything obtained from our website. As many as you know, panda and I share the same developer, so for the "hacker" to obtain more data from mine but less from his is nonsense. But the fact does stand, nothing was obtained here, and BoP was taken down, with the other forums mentioned.

    If you want to speak to my security breach guy in more technical details, I can point you in his direction if you have discord.
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    Thank you, this was basically exactly what my point was. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I know you have stated from the beginning that customers are able to delete their accounts/information themselves with a click of a button, but people don’t ever read, instead they just order and then complain later if something happens.
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