Egyptian Weightlifting Team Banned for Giving Dianabol to Teenage Girls

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  1. Eman

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    I'm not doing anything. I don't think it's strange, just throwing it out there. I just mentioned it because it gives you an idea of their frame of mind on substances.
  2. Norse13

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    The quantity makes me a bit suspicious, 290 is quite a lot. Borderline for resale. And would you really ask your wife to smuggle that kind of oipioids for you? I'd never ask my wife to carry even a single dbol for me. Weird eh.

    Saying that, I am throwing rocks in a glass house. I contracted malaria in a small African country (for the 4th time) and was given two packs of 20 Tramadol for pain, as well as the usual malarone. I didn't know wtf tramadol was, I only used 10 and carried the remaining 30 in my toiletries back to Europe and across many countries on holiday travels. Obviously with no prescription or receipt...
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    I’m assuming you must live in a fairly relaxed Muslim country. I don’t see this happening in the majority of Muslim countries. (The booty shorts)