Greg Doucette turning Everything I know about diet on its head. Please help.

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    Id like to see u lay out a diet regimen... Sounds pretty freakin cool the way u explain it, slow gain and keeping fat minimal, do u add any chemicals to aide in this?

    Do u do diets for peeps on the side?
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    I don't typically do diets for people on side lol but I do train people for a living!
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    The advice he gives is for the general population

    Fouad did a podcast on it
    The advice is NOT applicable to bodybuilders.

    For your average Dad Bod...
    Hes right, they shouldnt be forcing calories, they dont know what they're doing and they will just get fat.

    We are all on STEROIDS
    Pushing the cals when you're injecting compounds that have amazing nutrient partitioning is a different story.

    I'm force feeding right now on tren and I'm getting leaner while throwing lbs on the scale.

    If a Joe Blow, did what we do, they would look like shit.

    Slow and steady recomp for a guy that wants to be able to FINALLY hit 5 pullups, makes sense.

    Not for us that superset 15 weighted pullups after a shrug set.
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