Hey, whats up?

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by 2Dumb2Plumb, Jun 5, 2015.

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    You witty bastard lol.
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    It gets my dick sucked ;)
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  3. MythotiK

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    Think I married her sister ;)
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  4. All the Bitches want DNP :cool:
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    If shes mexican with a temper you very well could have, or least be her cousin since theyre all god damn related.
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  6. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    You're just waiting for his/her package to go on the chopping block. That surgery has to be done right.. An excavation team is drawing up plans as we speak.
  7. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    That's awesome. I wish I can find someone to pin me. I'm not afraid of needles, I just want another pair of hands. This sounds gay, but I've been spending a few minutes after coming out of the shower feeling my glutes and staring at my quads to see where there are no veins and shit so I don't hit anything on the way in. I got very fair skin so you can see all my veins..
  8. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    For the dudes who have to pin themselves. Where do you pin? And what's easier? I figured the outer quad cause I can see it better and keep my hand steady. And I guess a 1.5" needle will insure I get through the different layers of skin and fat to the muscle.
  9. Boilermech

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    My wife pins my glutes and delts but I pin my quads myself. I can and have pinned all those locations by myself but the quads are definitely the easiest to me. Also I use a 25g 1" when I pin quads and delts. I only use 1.5" on my glutes.
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    Good advice here.

    Welcome and what's up with the handle (your screen name)?
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    Welcome to Meso mte :)

    22 years old 245lbs beast of a man nice o_O
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  12. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    I really didn't know what to pick. It's actually a tribute or an inside joke within the pipe/plumbing trade. In the UA or really its just my local they make it very easy for you to pass your examinations to get your full book. It's joked about when someone has to take the exams twice and there's a rumor that if a person fails twice the examining board gives them a certificate that states "Too dumb to plumb".
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  13. 2Dumb2Plumb

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    Thanks but I'm not impressive. An XL tee is too small and uncomfortable but an XXL tee is a little big. Try going shopping for sneakers, boots or shoes. I have a size 15 Double E width. And I have long limbs so it's only when I flex do people say "Holy Shit" I never knew you worked out. And I noticed too at any doctors office when they check my blood pressure with the arm band.. They make the mistake of giving me the small band then realizing my arm is too big and have to change out for the bigger band. Also noticed I walk differently like I flare my lats and I make each step count lol.. When I was 175lbs in my teens I had a runners build and was more agile.
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    In my ass, But most of the time I get the wife or a mate to jab me up

    Ha Ha same her with the T shirts I like them tight shows off your good work, Baggy ones make you look skinny an thats a NO NO ! LoL Am only 5"7 12+ stone Gained shit loads in the past 6 weeks was weighing in at 10.9 Eat Sleep Jab Train Repeat :)