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    Speaking of being around the block, I saw your sister the other day!! She looks good I miss her!

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    Haha it's always nice to see someone on tren when I'm not :)

    I have more sex now on deca and test but I need to get up close and personal to get aroused whereas tren has me walking around with a woody..
    It's stressful sometimes I'm sure you know lol :--)
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    @MANWHORE you still at it i see...why not get back into the gym as you getting soft.

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    No I'm actually getting hard I'm surprised too because I'm off tren and training.. well I'm not training at all haha :) .. I do my reps controlled that's all I can say and I do them once a week .. twice maybe but 20min

    But my diet is in check with the fruits and I CUT sugar OUT!
    I'm eating mellons papaya berries and swallowing plenty psyllium fiber capsules magnesium L-Arginine
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    Deca+test good stack. Question? I see that your maybe the most popular on this forum. I imagine you know your stuff. My buddy said I should run deca+test+Dbol. What would be the good of dbol