Ideal fasted BG for bodybuilder / athlete

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    Looking to get some input as to what you feel is a target fasted blood glucose range for a male bodybuilder or some one that lives the lifestyle?

    I've heard conflicting information. Some have told me 70-80 is great. Two friends of mine who are nurses said if a patient was below 90 they'd give them OJ right away. My friends doctor told him 95-110. I would like some educated input here if anyone would like to chime in.

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  2. Roger rabbit

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    Well your fasted glucose should be below 100 to be in normal range. So not sure why someone would say you want faster blood sugar levels to be 110.

    70-80 is perfectly fine imo.
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    Yes 70-80 is not bad. Mine is mid-upper 70s first thing in morning and i am trying to get it down to upper 60s. I eat too close to bed time i believe that is a factor for me. Plenty of google research available u will find stating anything over 100 and sometimes over 90 is not good. Please share the name of the hospital where your nurse and doctor friends work so that we all can avoid.
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    Obviously, I’d say the lower you can keep it the better but that’s a tough thing to do if one is really living the bb lifestyle.

    Tons of carbs, GH, insulin and other crap we do makes BG management almost a full time job.

    My approach is to stay below 100 upon waking, fasted. I rarely let it go so long that I even get to that level. Typically I’ll see low to mid 90’s and I’m changing something anyway.

    I do run Berberine daily also help keep the numbers in check.
  5. Roger rabbit

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    You might also try chromium picolinate.

    It helps regulate insulin and blood sugar
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