Is it time to start TRT ? Or continue supplementation

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  1. At least free T is moving in the right direction. The only thing I know that can lower SHGB outside androgens and AI’s would be a high protein diet, I’m sure there are others but idk the highest mine has ever been was 29nmol a couple weeks ago so I’ve never looked into what decreases it.
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    I've been on trt since last August. I'm 38 andI've been depressive all my life. I'm an alcoholic but have been sober since 2011. I've had counseling in therapy and completed an awesome rehab treatment. I lift regularly and eat well. Even with all this, there were times when I wore my depression like a Cape and could not escape it. It affected everyone around me. Since being on trt, I still have good days and bad, because, life. But i for sure have more control over how long and how severe the depression is. I also work shift work and have found that my mood on night shifts is a lot more controllable as well.
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    I found a new doctor, I have officially been on trt for 2 weeks. Instead of giving me trt and sending me on my way he is interested in diving deeper into the issue as there is most definitely a cause to the issue. I have learned alot in the past few weeks, it would be worth anyones time to look into things such as the “MTHFR” Gene. It is becoming more and more relevant in people dealing with mental health issues as i do. Supposedly people with an error in this gene are not getting sufficient amounts of serotonin, dopamine, addiction problems etc. and can cause a fuck load of issues. My dr took blood right in the office and he is almost certain i have this gene error. On top of that I also suffer from Histamine Intolerance, which also causes an array of symptoms. All these issues correlate with each-other I think i am getting closer and closer to figuring out why I have been in hell most of my life in regards to anxiety, depression, etc.

    Look into it