Kinda made a thread like this but not exactly, too much volume?

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    if I’m doing this twice a week with the second day being more light TUT still 12 rep range is this too many exercises to hit twice a week? 3 sets each, 3 on 1 off
    chest tris


    Flat bench

    Incline bench



    Weighted Dips. 10,8,8

    Tricep extension machine 12,12,12

    tricep overhead 10,10,10

    Tricep pushdown superset (12,12,12)


    Reverse flys (15/10partial,15/10,15/10)

    Dumbell OHP/machine press (8,8,8)

    Lat raises (12,12,12)



    Quad extension

    Hamstring curls

    Leg press

    Calf raises (outer calves/bent knees, inner calves/wide stance)



    Lat pull down overhand *

    Dumbell rows

    barbell rows

    Lat pull over

    Roman deadlifts



    Hammer curl across chest almost to chin 3 sets

    Dumbell curl

    Preacher curl
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    Also maybe for the second workout of the week I start in the opposite order so the opposite muscle group gets the heaviest load/energy first.

    Bur I just need to know if doing all of this twice a week is too much or if it is fine
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    So is it a push pull legs routine? I kinda do that if you are. Except I split the lifts up more.
    Ex: so if I do barbell rows on Tuesday I’ll do DB rows on the next back day
    It does seem like some people respond very well to volume. Some more to hi intensity.
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    Ya ppl and I think I respond to intensity over volume which is why I only have like one muscle group focused exercise not like barbell rows then dumbell rows for example