Lmc tren ace brew problems

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    Hey guys a while ago I gt some tren ace from lmc an I have had issues every time I brewed it I am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems I'll try to make this short when I brew it I always end up with a sludge like substance on the bottom its like all the powder doesn't dissolve I'd say 25 % stays an turns sludgy I have tried everything from 15% bb to 22% I have tried multiple methods such as powder BB an ba first then add warm oil I have added the oil BB an ba warmed then added powder I have let sit for 2 days in just bb I have done every method with low heat no heat an hi heat just to see if there is a difference I have brewed multiple other compounds with no problem at all an for some reason no matter what I do with this tren it always has a little sludge on bottom I have filtered it multiple times an it cleans up an deff works I have had the cough so bad my wife was ready to drag me to car lol I get acne insomnia an crazy dreams when I do sleep so my point to all of this is do u think its maybe cut with something an that's what's not dissolving I am curious to see everyones opinions on this sorry for such a long post but I have Ben crazy trying things to figure out why it happens every time any input would be much appreciated
    oil gso USP grade 2 diff bottles
    Ba USP grade
    Bb USP 2 diff bottles
    Cooked on hotplate no water around at all
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    Do you have pics?
    You added all solvents then put to heat and brought up toward melting point or at least 70C-100C on melt plate with stirring?

    If you did all of the above and it will not get clear than there is definitely something wrong with the raws. No way in hell should quality tren raws do that and doesn’t sound like your doing anything wrong bro...I’m curious what did LMC say? They even have their own video of Homebrew Tren can find on YouTube reps name Raine. You definitely should be taken care of because no way should it happen unless just using way too little heat as everyone is sooo afraid to overcook especially Tren cause all talk about oxidizing and what not, bottom line needs to be brought at or near melt point to ensure that suspends well in oil not crash out and if you don’t go over melt point of compound it’s not going to burn think that’s just common sense not even science. Good luck brother and hopefully if not just little human error which we all been there hopefully someone sets you up with what you paid for and sludge is crazy don’t even attempt to filter if it’s not clear solution, this is not like breaking down Fina pellets should be close to pure raws so that sludge if met all above with recipe and cook god only knows what it is in that batch. Stay safe!!
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    IMG_20180823_214604.jpg IMG_20180823_214604.jpg
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    The one in the glass is from 110 to 140 degree brew an the one on paper I heated to from 130 up to freak in 200 just to c what would happen I have done it before with no heat an another with 75 degrees an another with 105 etc I have literly tried every method an I have accepted the fact its not Gna change the paper one is like a lollypop consistency wen dried but soft when heated I haven't contacted lmc because the most they would do is ship me more an I would have to pay shipping so I don't c the point in paying 50 dollars for possibly more raws that something's wrong with
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    I wouldn’t fucking pin that gear
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    Yikes... That looks like, umm, some impurities. :confused:
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    Yeh months ago I filterd multiple times an cleaned it up an used it but I thought that it was my fault it happend but after me go mad scientists on this shit an it still happens I said fuck that shit It sucks that tren gets wasted but better safe than sorry
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    Iv never seen anything good about that company
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    That’s absolutely not your fault I don’t think you could even make that in a beaker if yuh tried!!! That’s done seriously screwed up raws im so glad your sharing as I’ve never felt ok with LMC and push sales tactics using females just never seemed like was good company to me!! Sorry bro but definitely not right I would never pin anything with that in it and I hear ya on the extra $ ship possibly same garbage. Only way stop this crap is keep looking out for each other thanks Bro letting community know!!
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    I actually had the same exact problem with. I'm guessing it has to do with oxidation. The first batch I made when I got the tren, came out clear with no issues. Second batch after having it in storage for 2yrs came out with some sludge/precipitate. More heat would just create more sludge. I would say just filter it if it's just a little cloudy.

    I've read about this happening to others as well on other forums. It looks like tren should be brewed up immediately or if were going to store it then we need to probably vacuum seal.
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    I brewed my first batch day after I gt it an same thing happend
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    I brewed my first batch day after I gt it an same thing happend
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    Lily from lmc contacted me an said she will make this right that was the day I posted this since then she has not responded hopefully she will keep her word I will not pay for shipping cause I feel I shouldn't have to pay a extra 50 dollars because they sent me a bad product no matter what happens I will keep everybody updated on the situation
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    tren I always melt completely with BA only. Sometimes on big batches I put in some of the BB.

    Did u put all other ingridients in the brew at the same time? I did that one time and it ended up looking like a dirty aquarium. Since then always and only BA until the tren is melted.
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    Fwiw today I brewed LMC Test enth & EQ and did not have any undissolved solids.

    Both were in storage for over a year. I know that's not tren but if this is a more widespread issue it should come to light.
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    OK I also got Decca test e an test p with the same order as the tren all of those brewed fine also it was just the tren that I had issues with the first time It happened I didn't say anything cause I thought it might have Ben my fault but after the 4 other brews I new it had to be the raws
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    I've seen LMC solicit on peoples youtu videos
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    Yeh they are all over you tube honestly if I would have known that a year ago I wouldn't have ordered I feel like anyone posting a video on YouTube saying hey buy ur drugs from us just feels extremely shady an now its Ben 3 days since lilly said she would make it right an she has not responded to me yet with any solutions to my issue she asked when I ordered an from what rep I told her when an who but then I started thinking an unless they keep customers info I don't c how thats help full at all
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    yes you did order 10 g tren ace from us in February , 27th , 2017. That was one and half year ago . How did you store it ? For that was such a long time .
    Do not worry , if that was our tren ace i will solve your issue . We keep the sample records of each batch powders .
    Best regards ,
    lily.li" at " landmarkchem.com
    landmarksale02"at" gmail.com
    Wickr me : landmarkchem
    Skype : lily198818