Mark Walhberg, Josh Duhamel and Roman Reigns were named as clients by a jailed steroid dealer

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    Mark Walhberg, Josh Duhamel and Roman Reigns forced to deny steroid use
    MARK Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and WWE superstar Roman Reigns have been forced to deny steroid use after they were named as clients by a jailed dealer.

    Fox News
    News Corp Australia NetworkJanuary 25, 201811:10am

    Mark Wahlberg has been forced to deny that he uses steroids. Picture: SplashSource:Supplied

    MARK Wahlberg shot down accusations he uses anabolic steroids to achieve his muscular movie star stature.

    TMZ spoke to the A-lister in Los Angeles on Monday about claims that he, along with Josh Duhamel and WWE superstar Roman Reigns, used the performance-enhancing drugs allegedly supplied to them by steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez, who now is in jail for selling the substance.


    WWE superstar Roman Reigns says he doesn’t take steroids. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    However, Wahlberg said his beefy body is the result of “hard work” and it’s “all natural.”

    When asked by TMZ if the Entourage producer would sue, he shrugged it off, saying he would not want to give Rodriguez more attention.


    Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark) says his body is down to hard work and genetics. Picture: SuppliedSource:Getty Images

    Mark Wahlberg in Transformers: Age of Extinction. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

    Duhamel and Reigns have also denied using steroids.

    A rep for Wahlberg did not return Fox News’ request for comment.

    Walhberg forced to deny steroid use
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    Imprisoned Steroid Dealer Explains How Roman Reigns Avoided Testing Positive For Steroid Abuse

    Roman Reigns, the controversial WWE 'Monday Night Raw' star, categorically denies the allegations made by Richard Rodriguez.

    Richard Rodriguez is someone who is best known as the former owner of the Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, Florida. However, as of late, wrestling fans know him because he’s the man who pointed to Roman Reigns as someone who was part of his larger steroid abuse ring.

    Wrestling Inc. is reporting that in a recent interview with Jon Bravo, Rodriguez went into great detail about how Roman Reigns — in addition to other celebrities like Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel — were just a few of his many clients in the so-called “steroid ring.”

    Rodriguez was more than content with keeping everyone’s business under wraps, until Roman Reigns issued a statement categorically denying his knowledge, or involvement, with Rodriguez.

    Through a representative, the Monday Night Raw star issued the following statement.

    “I have never heard of Richard Rodriguez or Wellness Fitness Nutrition. I learned from the mistake I made nearly two years ago and paid the penalty for it. Since then, I’ve passed 11 tests as part of WWE’s independent drug testing program.”

    However, Rodriguez — whose gym was raided by the feds in February of 2017 when reports of his participation in the steroid ring came to light — is eager to clear his name and made clear that not only can he prove (via text messages, emails, phone calls and other forms of communication) that Josh Duhamel was a client of his, he will prove — in his next interview — that Reigns was also a client of his.

    Rodriguez also said that just because Roman Reigns tested negative for steroid use by the WWE doesn’t mean that he can be exonerated from its use. In fact, Rodriguez said, there’s a way to “test negative” on a steroid test, even if you’ve been using steroids.

    “They take people like me, and others very well to secure that they know these procedures, and ensure that they pass them with flying colors. So often times, people might take shorter estures like a suspension-based product so it could be out of their system prior to being tested.”

    What’s more, said Rodriguez, people like Roman Reigns — who need to maintain a muscular physique as a result of the demands of the job — cannot maintain the shape they’re in without the help of performance-enhancing drugs like steroids. And even though the WWE claims to have “strict testing policies” when it comes to substance abuse, Reigns’ orders “contained a lot of products that were not meant for human consumption.”

    You can listen to Rodriguez’s full interview in the video.

    There’s no word when Rodriguez will give his next interview; however, it bears repeating that Roman Reigns has categorically denied Rodriguez’s accusations and that he’s neither been charged with a crime nor suspended from his time in the WWE.

    Imprisoned Steroid Dealer Explains How Roman Reigns Avoided Testing Positive For Steroid Abuse
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    Jon Bravo broke the story. WFN Richard Rodriguez apparently plans to snitch on everyone:

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  5. That guy needs to get the shit kicked out of him while he's in the pen.
  6. "Snitches belong in ditches"....;)
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    Watching these videos makes me scratch my head. It looks fake as hell...I mean the orders look fake! What big ass dude orders a few Anavar pills and a bottle of test? Such big names and big dudes with small minuscule orders, it just makes no sense to me. I mean Kali muscle get 1 bottle of test 500 and 3 vials of tren? I’m calling bs.
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  8. Yes and the conversations between them look fake too.
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    This guy has zero ability to keep his mouth shut.

    His arrogance and social media presence, amongst other things, is what got him busted in the first name,

    I have zero idea if any of these guys were clients or not but calling them out is way out of line regardless.

    Hope this guy eventually gets everything he deserves for being a true asshole.
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    Josh Duhamel...really? Dude has never SEEN the inside of a gym. Steroids? Lol

    Snitches get stitches. This guy needs to keep his mouth shut before someone closes it for him permanently.
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    We had WFN shills run through here every few months. There was one lame in particular I remember and I'd have to file the verbal assault he took under "Epic"!
    He was a fattie from Vegas. He tried to convince me that WFN was operating in a "Grey" area. He pointed to Stan Efferding as being the "Truth Barometer". Rodriguez took on the WFN endeavor like it was a suicide mission from day 1. How can anyone consider him anything but a Joke and a colossal fuck up all rolled up in a federal prison jumpsuit.
    He has nothing to show for that time in his life except an FBI # and a list of guys he's going to snitch on. "Lacking" is being kind when describing his common sense.
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    The "grey area" he was referring to is between Rodriguez's ears.
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    Further WWE Wrestlers Linked To Steroid Ring
    Jon Bravo doubles down on claims.

    Stories linking WWE wrestlers with jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez have resurfaced this weekend.

    Documentary filmmaker Jon Bravo initially brought the alleged scandal to light last month after uploading an interview with Rodriguez to YouTube. In it, it is claimed that several celebrities - including Roman Reigns - were involved in the racket in Miami prior to its 2017 bust.

    This prompted a firm statement of denial from Reigns, who insisted he had never heard of Rodriguez, nor Wellness Fitness Nutrition, the company behind which the drug ring operated. Referring to his much-publicised Wellness Policy violation in 2016, the 32-year-old said, "I learned from the mistake I made nearly two years ago."

    But a new interview featuring Bravo - with professional wrestler Devon Nicholson - have put the claims back into the spotlight. It is now suggested that up to 15 past and present WWE performers sourced illegal substances from the network in question, including one who spent a purported $150,000 in a single year.

    The YouTuber has also speculated that the failed drugs test Roman referred to in his statement could have been from using products supplied by Rodriguez. If this were true, it would obviously mean that he has already served any disciplinary penalties that might otherwise be brought against him now.

    Commenting on this update on his radio show this morning, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer described the links as "pretty convincing". With this case still being investigated by authorities, he notes, a paper trail could yet surface proving or disproving the veracity of the story.
    Further WWE Wrestlers Linked To Steroid Ring

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