POMPS PHARMA (all stay away)

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    I know there is a lot of negativity surrounding Jano, but my thoughts lean to the results being true. I will explain why.

    Here is why: What would he have to gain by failing them on two paid boards?

    In regards to Pro M, the samples are sent by Mods, who have been supplied by a member with a long proven track record. I'm not sure the mods have anything to gain by tampering with the sample? The donating member could possibly have something to gain by slandering the source how ever. The donating member could possibly be affiliated with another lab, with draw compound and replace with oil.

    There is a lot of variables in the testing process in regards to the Pro muscle way being done.

    Seems like the only way is to send sample off your self.

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  3. BIG74

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    I believe there was a discrepancy in a mast sample from flash labs. I believe Jano got two different results.
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  4. Is Jano accepting open vials?!?
    That's bad practice man.
    I know W&M will only accept closed vials. It makes perfect sense.
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    Jano accepts open vials yes. He actually will not accept full 10 ml vial. He likes samples to be in a small vial. I believe it is like the size of 1 ml sample.

    There is a member here that i saw sent 2 blind samples for testing, both tested well. It was for Hilma items.

    I also personally know of someone who has sent blind samples to Jano for testing after brewing, results were accurate.

    ** I am not endorsing Jano, just simply stating 2 things i have seen.

    I agree it makes more sense to accept un opened vials like W&M does
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    Just looked at BoP (I feel dirty) and I couldn't find anything about this. Either I didn't see the thread, or they've scrubbed the subforum of negative feedback.

    Looks like the BoP gravy train wins over their members' well-being yet again.
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    I just looked over there as well....that place makes me sick.
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    What quantity of hormone do they test? How many companies products are tested monthly?
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    Of course, it makes sense; what would you do with 50k worth of equipment and hormone after your company goes out of business? It's unfortunate, but it's a part of the underground business.
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    How did they set him up?

    but what's the deal with jano anyway? I've seen people yell at sources that jano test means nothing but when a bad jano test comes out, it is true.

    The things I've seen from Jano, kinda leaning towards he is legit. But I dont FBI-research this shit either.
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    If I’m not mistaken, DWBO (BoP Mod) already had some oils tested and had the results and then he sent the same batch of sample from the same bottle off to Jano and Jano got it completely wrong. Jano’s excuse was that he was so tired from all the work he has that another tech did the sample and he signed off on it. Something like that.
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    Yep that’s correct. I forgot exact details till you just mentioned it.
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    Yes and the same mods that do this and yes they are trustworthy were so snowed under by Jano that they didn't want to believe he would fake results.

    I had daily discussions from them trying to convince me of how trustworthy he was. Hell, I almost met up with one of them on a trip to discuss. But, just couldn't make it happen.

    After Jano finally admited to his lying. Over a year later might I add. I had one of the persons at PM come to me and apologize and admit he messed up. The others not a peep.

    On another note, Who gives a shit who sends him a sample. If he screws something up he lies about it or makes up some ridiculous excuse. Go play over at PM and you can hype him up over there.

    There is so much to the story that you don't even know about Jano. And I really don't have time to explain to you what type of person he is.

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    @mands, @BIG74 was just trying to help and he's not attacking you.
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    For what reason? Help who? I guessed I missed the bigger picture.

    I don't know what he is doing. He's been here for five months and defending a lying POS.

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    @mands I was really just trying to put on blast pomp pharma. That's it. I agree it may come across as if I am defending Jano. Which I assure you I am not. I also agree I don't know the whole story. I have read why his credibility is no good though. The two examples I have stated in which results were obtained was simply sharing what I've seen. Not endorsing. Personally never used him.
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    I had good experience with Jano. I sent five samples of oils in little autosamplers and numbered them. He had no idea what the contents were. Just little vials numbered 1-5. Everything came back as expected. 4 products were from human grade ampules and 1 was from a well known lab. If I had sent the amps then here would be more risk for fraudulent tests in my opinion since he would know what the contents were suppose to be.
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  18. Ouch Screenshot_20190806-014602.jpg Screenshot_20190806-012413.jpg
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    It's not super fucking hard to put powder (the correct one) on a scale and dump it into a beaker.

    I don't understand how people can suck so bad.