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Big pump

Any ideas on how to get tren
I.know this is over a month without a post but I gotta help!! First off... Wow where the fuck to start??? It is a simple question so here is a simple answer. Your not going to get it here! You got six messages I believe and your asking for gear like its fucking Halloween candy? Do your research on the forums! See who has reviewed, how many reviews, check every site you goggle through source check or forum boards. Most likely you dont need to do steroids cause then you'd just be a swoll up fucking idiot. Don't ask shit like that on open forums noless. And stay in fucking School!!!


So i home brewed my first cycle. Started pinning yesterday. Figured I'd start a cycle log but not sure if i should start one here or homebrew section or steroid forum which is where all threads for 1st cycle showed they were when i searched. Thanks.

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