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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by AIRBORNE DADDY, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Keep us posted dude!
    I want to get some Dutas!
    I’ll prob go with alldaychemist since I can get more than 90pills though.
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    Agreed with what everyone is saying here. I have been a long time customer as well and always gotten my items. I have ordered some other things from the same area and they are also on lockdown until May 3rd. Keep in mind the original shipping day was mid-April but then it moved to May 3rd so it may be lengthened again. Either way I am not will get here eventually.
  3. Tommorow is 2 weeks and they're saying they dont have the money order. I guess it was lost in the mail tomorrow I'll just cancel the fucking thing and do bank transfer. They won't take any debit or credit cards anymore I used to do it with a prepaid credit card.
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  4. can someone post a link?
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    Yo! What ever happened here man?
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    can someone post a link?
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    All you have to do is Google the name'll be the first one that pops up..
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    I used them all the time, until now since they don't accept pp or Mastercard credit cards anymore. I bought a prepaid Visa, paid, but they claimed it didnt go thru. I'm not using my debit card or bank check.
  9. I had to cancel the Western Union money order and pay them with a bank transfer they said it shipped a few weeks ago I should have it any day
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    You will get your order, i had the same thing happen with 2 orders. The first laned, and now im waiting on the second.

    Theyre having issues with their dispatch company. Im currently waiting on 75,000 iu of hcg. Both orders were placed within a week of each other. The second one is taking much longer. It took 3 weeks just to be notified it shipped.
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    My second order just cleared customs. It has been about 5 weeks total so far.

    Good to hear you got your order fixed @AIRBORNE DADDY. The prices are to good for me to really try anyplace else, and they have always came through.
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  12. Yep about 7weeks for me...used to be 2.5 before the covid...