Seratonin deficiency

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    5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) - Supplement Profile

    According to this article I have all symptoms of seratonin deficiency.

    It recommends a different dosing protocol of 5htp based on the symptoms presenting - of course fixing all of the symptoms is important to me.

    Should I dose, say, 100mg in the morning, 200 mid, and 300mg at night? My appetite tends to get out of control at night anyway. Or just 300mg x3? Should I taper up the dose? I read this supplement I should treat with a bit of respect so I don’t want to mess too much too quickly with a chemical that is already affecting my life so much.
  2. This isn't something you want to self diagnose. i would get a professional medical opinion on this before you go trying to fix something that you believe is, but may not be, broken.
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    I see no problem with you experimenting 5- HTP. It’s basically only a supplement. This would be like experimenting with Sam e which is completely safe and mostly ineffective and placebo anyway. Lol, its a herb from an African plant. It’s not going to help your depression and it’s not going to help with any issues associated with any this shit listed below.
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    There is a 100% chance I could get a psychiatrist to just agree with me and try to put me on an SSRI, to which my response would be ‘no way’ followed by telling them about my plan here and asking them about dosing protocols - and regardless of their response I would try it anyway.

    I don’t know if you see me as some frail, sickly, confused suicidal little shit with nothing to live for, but in reality I have an altogether adequate degree of self mastery at least and am just in a lengthy process at this point in my life of putting together an effective and helpful supplement regimen - something probably everyone here is aware of no?

    I figured asking about the dosing protocol outlined by one of the doctors here at Meso about an OTC wouldn’t illicit such a condescending response. Aspirin has an LD50 but I still use it when I get a headache.
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  6. Easy, killer. My advice was meant to help.

    i agree with your SSRI statement. The cure (or "treatment") is worse than the disease, IMO.

    The thing is, you're matching your symptoms to a checklist. You could do that for a handful of diseases and you would find that you have symptoms related to them as well.

    That's why i suggested getting a professional opinion beforehand. But at least if it doesn't work, it shouldn't cause you any harm. Make sure you check for drug/supplement interactions first.

    Best of luck, man. i hope it works out for the best.
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    Yeah no worries, I’m not hanging my last hope of survival on this or anything, it just seems like something to try since the symptoms line up so well and so acutely. I can look at things pretty objectively and say “I am feeling depressed right now” or “I am having a craving.”

    Just took my first dose so if it works it works. I just put it in my rotation and now I’m going to forget about it. Decided to go with 200mg x3.
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  8. i tried 5-HTP a few years back for depression that was intertwined with drug abuse.

    i don't recall anything memorable, but i don't think i went past one bottle before i gave up and resumed partying with my demons.

    i truly hope it has a positive effect for you. You seem pretty in tune with your body and you're clearly a smart guy, so i'm sure if it does work, you'll know it.

    Keep us updated throughout, please.
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    Thank you, I really appreciate that.

    That was around the last time I tried 5htp as well - and back then I couldn’t imagine feeling any sort of deficiency or discomfort when I either felt awesome or like shit with nonin between. I barely felt hunger lol.

    I got off everything going on 4 years ago and I was loaded up with SSRIs and non benzo anti anxiety meds and muscle relaxers, just felt like having a dull artificial hum in my head. I didn’t finish or refill any of them.

    I’m definitely past seeing my body like an enemy I need to run through the wringer to solve unaddressed psychological problems - all I want is a peaceful, healthy, badass life with lots of money and pussy.
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    Well the first day I noticed a difference in feeling of wellbeing, but it was also a nice day could be placebo.

    The biggest change I noticed was a shift towards more mental fluidity and control. Better able to focus, intentionally shift my perspective, and more gradual and painless come down from any boughts of anger I experienced as well as less anger generally.

    This was at a dose of 200mg x 3, 500mg x 3 tryptophan.

    The distinct feeling so far is that I got my mental transmission fluid changed out, if that makes sense.
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    As with most things I believe it’s a matter of balance. I didn’t read through everything, but I already knew of mental issues associated with SSRIs, and I don’t know how far they got in to tryptophan and 5hydroxytryptophan - or how well they controlled. I give it a read later, but is there a tl;dr you might offer?

    Low E and high E have similar sides, for instance.
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    My current impression after adjusting the doses down a bit (300 causes some minor stomach issues) is that 5htp, tryptophan, and St. John’s Wort can be an affective aid to an already established and dedicated plan for mental hygiene. I’ll keep this updated if I notice anything more significant.

    I did notice a difference in mood between 5htp alone and dosing with the other two supplements I mentioned. I prefer the latter.
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    That's exactly how I see you. The fact that you felt the need to explain you aren't, tells me you are.
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    Sleeping much better. My moods seem more steady, more control over my thought processes. Thinking patterns more gradient and reasonable. No more uncontrollable late night cravings.

    Dose lowered to 200mg in the morning and 100mg with lunch and then with dinner. Still with the tryptophan and St. John’s wort.
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  16. You got me interested in giving this another shot. i don't recall dosing nearly as high, (probably whatever the recommended dosage on the bottle was) and as i said before, i didn't run it for very long.

    i could definitely use improvement in the areas that have improved for you. That would really be great.

    Please continue to post as you go, i appreciate you relaying your experience here.
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    Glad to be of help.

    Only thing I’ll mention is I always have worked on these things, and I recently feel I have that extra bit of mental grease to get in to gear. So it’s still an effort, I just have the capacity now.

    Best of luck brother
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