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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by MEEKmlz, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    Are you a sponsor here?

    You shouldn't be posting on this thread.
  2. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    I'm fine with him posting here because once I find his thread I'm going to make sure I post in it that steroidify is 10% cheaper
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  3. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    Np I dont have problem with posted in my thread ... and iam not worry about competition ... I have group customer who dont care about 10-15$ but they want domestic shipping up to 5 days not 20 ...
  4. NandroXL

    NandroXL Member Supporter

    Sorry boss... was my mistake... I just read many thread and I forget rules... I ask admin for deleted post...
  5. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    Ok you have a group and steroidify has thousands of customers. I doubt you forgot and I'm sure you just spammed one of the largest sources in the world on purpose as you again post aboutg being domestic. Also $10-15 would only be orders of $100-150 so if that's all your group spends on cycle I really need to get a laugh from your thread please post it
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  6. Nothing but bickering today. That's all i've read and mainly contributed to. :oops::D

    Both of you, back to your own threads...
    Wait, IJ, this is your thread, you stay put.
    Nandro, you're outta here.

    Wait! Shake hands first... Done? Good! Thank you! Goodnight!
  7. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

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  8. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    For those out there having side effects with viagra or cialis, Udenafil is a great option, since it's milder and users report less episodes of headaches and flushing.

  9. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

  10. cadafi

    cadafi Member

    I know my levitra/viagra is acting when i feel the flushing lol, time for action
  11. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    I personally hate the stuffed nose and the flushing.
  12. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    Have to blow my nose a dozen times in the 6 hours fuck session
  13. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

  14. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    Massive Labor Day sale from
    Use code "LABORDAY" for 30% off of entire site. 5% off added if you pay with Bitcoin for a massive 35% discount.


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  15. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    ok as of right now we have 8 signed up for the football contest. tomorrow i will post the games and if you are still interested in signing up send me a pm. you have until next sunday to sign up. remember this is for over 5k total in gear or you can donate your winnings to anabolic labs

    these are folks i have so far and if im missed you please let me know

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  16. Steroidify Rep

    Steroidify Rep Steroidify Rep

    Still going. Don't miss this one.

  17. IronJulius

    IronJulius Steroidify Rep

    Packers vs Bears

    Steelers vs Patriots

    Pick winner of each and total points without going over. Winner of each gets $100 store credit and you can guess once each day

    Last year Aaron Rogers got knocked out and came back the second half lol if you get a chance watch his interview after

  18. jJjburton

    jJjburton Member Supporter

    Packers 40

    Steelers 40
  19. Sdryx

    Sdryx Member

    Packers 0

    Patriots 0
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  20. PaulHeyman

    PaulHeyman Member

    Bears 45

    Patriots 63