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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by jJjburton, Jul 24, 2020.

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    would letro help?
  2. jJjburton

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    Letro is to strong. Took some aromasin. Should be good for a while.
  3. jJjburton

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    Done with orals for a bit. So just NPP and Test. For 4-6 weeks. I am too lethargic and not hungry.
  4. jJjburton

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    This is exactly why bloodwork is so important. Its takes the guessing out of cycling. I wish I could get it done somewhere. After this cycle when i cruise i am going to try to TRT through a doctor.

    i definitly lowered my e2 too much. The bloat is all gone, and i feel crappy. Took 50 mg dbol to get it up a little. And an extra shot of test cyp. I am pretty confident i will be good tomorrow or next day.

    Bloodwork would easily just figure this out. It sucks i cant get it done.

    i took today off from food and lifting i felt so down from the low e2. My body just hurts. In 2 days my e2 will be in normal range.
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  5. jJjburton

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    Back to 241 lbs....

    so it was either low e2 or some overtraining. Or a bit of both. I took it very light the past two days. Feel good and working out today.

    meal prepping went well yesterday. Rice and chicken, all set for this week.


    not going heavy, working on more volume and more reps.

    doing a new 6 week training block. I went pretty heavy the last one.

    So every 3 rd time i train a certain that will be a heavy day. Otherwise doing pump and volume to failure. Even if that means 15-20 reps.
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    Changing up is a good thing. Here comes 250.
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  7. jJjburton

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    Deadlifting only

    135x10 warm up
    135x10 warm up
    205x6 4 second down eccentric
    Drop set to
    135x15 4 second down eccentric
    135x10 explosive up 3 second down

    may go back to the gym next week. Checked it out and it seems reasonable.
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  8. jJjburton

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    Chest today

    Flat Bench
    225x10 4 second eccentric
    225x11 4 second eccentric
    185x8 6 second eccentric
    185x7 6 second eccentric
    185x4 dropset to 135x10 5 sec eccent
    135x6 6 sec eccentric

    hex press dumbells 30 deg incline

    landmine press standing 2 hand

    weighed in at 244
    6 more pounds to hit my goal. If my stomach get to big will make sure to gain only 1 lb every 2 weeks. If it doesnt get huge, will go for 1 lb a week. Also increasing protein and will decrease fats or carbs.
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  9. jJjburton

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    Shoulders today thats all for lifting

    shrugs were superset with every delt workout.

    rear delts SS with shrugs
    lateral raises SS with shrugs
    shoulder press SS with shrugs

    took it light today.

    Have been doing yoga 2x a days AM and PM.

    i dont have anything to do. Bored out of my mind! Been studying for my CSCS.

    so eating a ton and doing yoga and cardio/walking everyday.
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  10. jJjburton

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    my full body gym is going to be here in 2 weeks.

    my first one, i got screwed and they refunded my money. This one is the same thing but a different brand.
  11. Flippers

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    Full body gym? What does that mean? Like a squat rack, bench, pull up bar, some barbells, plates and dumbbells?
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  12. jJjburton

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    It has a bench,2 lower cable set, 2 upper cable set, lat pulldown, chest and squat rack, smith barbell machine, pull up, dip station. So you can do anything with cables like flys, bicep curls, tricep exercises, rear delt work, and you use barbell plates as the weight mechanism.

    Edit- so anything with barbell also. Its a full gym almost.
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  13. jJjburton

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    I tried for a rest day. Went to grab the weight this morning, and stopped myself. Dropped the weights and did yoga. Then stuffed my face.

    well i had to workout. I made it half the day as i usual workout in the morning. The days are to long and bordem is not good.

    so i decided to destroy my legs.

    legs- Squats only
    Barbell squats
    225x3 drop set 135x10

    then I changed up the reps
    135x4 regular to 5 pump reps (pump meaning all the way down and half way up) then 3 regular to 5 pump to 3 regular.

    135 doing the same thing 5 pumps then all the way up to take a break for 3 seconds and repeat to 20.

    135x12 then 10 second break to 8 more
    135x10 standing break for 10 second then 10 more


    When i do squats mine are definitly quad dominant. So next leg day will be dead so its posterior dominant. But full body gym will be here soon.
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    Have you tried using a band wrapped around right above your knees to help engage the glutes when squatting? It helped me a ton.
    I also imaigne I am tearing a piece of paper apart with my feet, creating a "twist" of sorts with my feet and knees which also activates the glutes.
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  15. Oldschool

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    “Spread the floor!” That cue works great for me also. Really helps engage the hips and lock everything in.
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  16. jJjburton

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    no have not tried the band, but have done the other stuff.

    Yes i do, press from heels and act like twisting toes outward, but not actually twisting, it does help.
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    I need to incorporate this.
    Been seeing some decent glute gains
    But they're still the weak link in my squat for sure, I'm weakest at the bottom of my movement due to undersized glutes for my hams and quads.

    Been focusing more on their development, but still a ways to go lol
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