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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by transrep, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. Cownan

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    This is meso. If you cant take the heat then it definitely means theres something to hide.

    I still think its only a matter of tie before you go down due to that website. In past history any lab hat had a website went down pretty fast. The ones who haven't are the ones who operated outside of the border. But hey, what do I know right
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  2. Fitwelder

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    Are you filing all ur vials to 10ml?
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  3. LOL. i still have that picture saved on my other phone from when they came around the first time.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Bet you got pics of all the labs goods :D
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  5. Dohn joe

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    That was their half off sale, unfortunately you only get half in the vial
  6. Cownan

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    Love how the rep is silent now
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  7. transrep

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    You mean how I didnt chime in to a joke about the oil amount?
    Again IF there was any oil issues interns of over or under filled they were addressed.. Which is standard procedure by us.. We fix issues clients have with orders.. I have helped out my guys even out of pocket if denied by upstairs.
  8. rocco-x

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    Is this lab for trannies only?
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  9. Cownan

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    No rep pays out of their pocket haha. You sound like CDNDA now. Im sure you get all of your under-dosed gear tested regularly too
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  10. UpNorth

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    And if they do then fuck the lab owner. Why put dollars in his pocket lol

    Sorry man I’ve seen transpharma from reddit with all your problems and hilarious fights with users. might as well go back to where you came from. Fuck I wish I could pull up the threads with you guys yelling at clients lmao
  11. UpNorth

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    How much did you tip him for his service?
  12. Cownan

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    I would love to see that hahaha
  13. EazyE

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    Please answer my questions...@transrep
  14. transrep

    transrep Junior Member

    Really cause I have numerous times sent guys freebies for a slight delay or send extra items. I can care less if you dont believe me lol .
  15. transrep

    transrep Junior Member

    They are separate from us still.. I do not rep GD personally either
    Unless a Trans client wants to order blends. We did ask them to be on our site with plans of having another known lab join us but we are still in talks far as I know
  16. transrep

    transrep Junior Member

    Do not forget the countless pages of happy clients who say we went above and beyond in terms of service..
  17. Cownan

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    You do care though. Or you wouldn't be quoting my posts.

    Also a thing to worry about here guys. When a rep keeps on trying to defend themselves it can also mean theres something to hide....
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  18. EazyE

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    Thanks for the response.
  19. transrep

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    LOL right so when you lie and make stuff up such as "Reps do not pay for things out of pocket" I should agree? No bro I take pride in attempting to help out my guys best I can..All I know is I came back here to be more of a presence, Help guys out who want to try us out, toss out freebies where I can and hold Auctions...Simple and not bicker
  20. Riz

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    Do you have any "current" lab test on your products and/or raws?

    Do you have supportive blood work test?

    Why did you discontinue DNP?

    Why are you partnered with Guardian labs?