Under training ?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Greek_beast95, May 30, 2019.

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    I don't think you're under training at all. It's similar to what I do actually, I may hit every upper body muscle 3x before I return to a leg day.

    Key for me is completely annihilating a muscle one day, then simply "touching on it" the next. It's all a system of check and balances, backing off and knowing when to destroy it. Super instinctive I suppose.

    For biceps one day might be 12 sets total, the following workout is 2 sets total but with heavier weight.

    But I put more intensity into one set than most guys put into their entire muscle group that day. 10 second negatives, 100 rep death sets, etc etc. Shit that would kill anyone not seasoned, not to toot my own horn, just being for real here
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    Buddy just but your ass and see what happens
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    I would say go hard or go home.in 4-5 weeks I am lifting 72.5kg 8 reps,I had to push my self the muscle fairy didn't fall from the sky and grant me my gains, every session I bit down and grinded that last rep out even if it hurt,no pain no gains,good luck to you.