What happen when your in the military and customs seizes your gear,

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  1. john nelson

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    title explains the question just want to know if you receive a letter or get raped by the system.
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  3. Oldman.

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    The postal service won’t inform your commander or anything. Also no one will see your seisure letter. Unless LE follows up and try’s to make anbust you are in the clear. Drugs and the armed forces don’t mix! If you get caught you will be lucky to avoid some jail time.
  4. OldmanRob

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    You did not try and have it sent to an FPO address I hope.
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  5. john nelson

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    I haven’t ordered anything or did anything yet I’m just wondering if anyone had experience with it.

    What I’m wanting to know usually you would get a letter and just ignore it, like hey “slap on the wrist” don’t try this again. Or is it going to be a big deal since it’s going threw a military post office. If that’s the case I’m laying off it would be dum to lose all my benefits.
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    I was all over the world in the Army and never had any issues with gear. If you're overseas customs doesn't go as hard as they would for civilians, it goes through quick and ends up with military postal
  7. Far From Reality

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    Depends on where you are stationed. Host nations laws apply to you, and then the military laws. If you don't remember reading about the privates in Korea who got busted shipping meth, you should read up.

    Your command team will most definitely get involved if the host nation finds it.

    Do you mind stating what country you are in? Depending what you are wanting to send through, I may have viable alternatives to keep you safe.

    But where there's a will, there is a way.
  8. OldmanRob

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    Don't do it, if it's going to a Military post office there is a good chance they would set up a sting.

    Using an FPO would be insanity, it begs for Leavenworth
  9. Far From Reality

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    Talking with military couriers, FPO/APO boxes are randomly opened and inspected. They look for out-of-the-norm items, such as bottles that safety-seals have been broken, unidentifiable liquids, etc.

    If you could circumvent suspicions, you would be in the clear. Or if you have a horse shoe shoved up your ass, send it how it is and hope to your god you don't get randomly checked.

    And as far as Leavenworth, unlikely you'd go there.for something small scale. You'd be more likely to receive a GOMAR, 45/45 and some rank loss.
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  10. OldmanRob

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    Possibly, he may get lucky.

    He could also be made an example, either way seems like we agree on it not being the best idea
  11. Far From Reality

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    Oh, best and believe if you are going to do it, you better be smart and fully accept all responsibility and repercussions of your actions.

    If he is simply attempting to get testosterone into a country like Japan and/or Korea, do your homework. There are plenty of doctors in the country that are willing to provide testosterone injections, as long as you have the money. They will even do lab work.

    If he's attempting to send stuff to places such as DPO/FPO on international waters, or in a war-torn country we happen to be occupying, i would highly suggest against it.
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  12. Sk8man101

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    If it was seized, you'll likely receive a letter asking if you want to claim the package with a discription of what the package has in it.
    From there you throw the letter out because you don't want to claim it.

    As far as the military goes I would imagine nothing.
  13. Oldman.

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    I sent a 1/2 gallon bottle of crown royal ahead of me to Kuwait when I deployed there. It actually arrived lol. So you can get lucky but it’s not worth it if it’s drugs.
  14. Paratrooper509

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    another guy in my unit was taking them so I had my stuff sent to his house off base and kept it there to avoid room inspections.. If you live on base in the barracks don't do it.
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  15. Savagesteve

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    We’d just send it in the monster cans with the screw off top. Slide the plastic off, replace the monster with jack, and have a good time :D
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    My side chick used to send me half gallons of jack in apple juice jugs the same way. I made a killing off that and american tobacco products while deployed.
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  17. Savagesteve

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    Didn’t drink too much while I was there. We used to get scotch from the Jordanians and it was hard to beat haji’s 10$ Marlboro cartons even if they were stale lol
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    How about a pct stack (Nova, clomid, hcg, Anastrolozole) to one of the biggest FOB's is a country that ends in Stan purchased from a website not hosted in the US that does "stealth sachets" ?