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    Hey Running 500 mgs week test cyp for this blast, last cycle i ran Anavar and got great results with it. A sponsor whom i get cycle gear from was out of var and he gave me winny. He gave me 25 mgs caps and enough for 5 weeks.

    I am at 10 % BF right now. My ? is this. will winny have the same type of affects as the var did. I am trying to get down to about 8 % and diet is perfect. I am on week 6 and will start taking it on week 7-8 of this current cycle.

    What can I expect from running winny with this cycle? I am not worried about pct as i will just go back to my regular scheduled programing (trt 160 MGS per week)....

    Any of you ran it? I also have 2 vials of NPP and was told I could get better results with the NPP and Test alone?
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    Regular scheduled programing, thats funny.
    I am on trt as well interested in how you transition back and how much of your gains you keep.
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    If i run higher levels of test then i will usually taper down to my regular dose. So on week 12 at 500 i will then tapper down down in week 13 to 400 then to 300 then to 200 and finally my rx dose 160 per week.

    I don't think it really is a question of keeping the gains or not. I think keeping them is a whole lot easier when you are on trt. I think there will be some loss but not as much as not running anything at all.
    Today is day 5 of winny still waiting for it to kick in. I think i might go with some npp i have laying around too at maybe 200 mgs a week. Not sure though because i keep reading about gyno issues with it due to high prolactin levels. I am still researching this to decide if i want to run it or not.
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    i would never run winny, i feel it's only for contest prep....all it does is dry you out (just my opinion though)
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    Wrong. Provides measurable strength gains as well! You can gain some lean mass on it,.. and turn into a furball.
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    the only orals i run is var & tbol....i guess with me i'd rather compounds w/the least possible sides...i'd rather run primo over tren, watch i get flamed for that one :)
    but back to the OP (no thread jacks) just keep caber or prami on hand if your going to run npp
    but if you keep your e2 in check you wouldn't have much to worry about
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