1. T

    Leaky Test Vial

    Hey guys, I need a little advice. When I got my vial of testosterone the other day it was leaking out the side a bit, not a lot, maybe like .5ml max, but enough to make the outside of the vial kinda oily. Obviously I’m not going to inject it out of fear of getting an abscess, but I was thinking...
  2. R

    Maik Wiedenbach on high doses of Testoterone

    Anyone ever watched this video on what the former Olympian Champ has to say about high doses of testerone. Very informative:
  3. jasonfrost

    Testosterone thickening blood?

    i have read several reports of testosterone thickening your blood, and it may lead to blood clots. My father has had a minor bloodclot (superficial thrombosis which is on a peripheral vein not a deep vein (DVT)). So I was just wondering has anyone experienced this side effect? I have done 4/5...
  4. A

    PCT Without Clomid

    Gonna do a cycle after manus years. 12 weeks Test E at 350mg twice a week. Clomid isn't an option for me as I can't get my hands on it would Nolvadex be enough? I have plenty of that. HCG isnt in the cards either Any feedback would be appreciated
  5. O

    Sasquatch Labs Bloodwork

    I've been using Sasquatch and have posted my bloods on his gear before. Got my friend to hop on as well. Here's his bloodwork My friend has been on sasquatch's testosterone + ai for 6 weeks. Here's his bloodwork 72 hours post injection. 500mg test-E/week 0.25 adex 2x/week
  6. G

    TRT and Testosterone ShutDown

    If you are on TRT/HRT for life (as in taking Testosterone C, HCG, and Estrogen Blockers routinely) do you need to worry about the side effect of shutting down testosterone production from things like deca?
  7. tusoa

    Guess on Test levels

    I'm not a newbie and I know this question is going to get an answer such as "have your test results done". But I want to ride this level for a couple of weeks before testing to make sure that all spikes level out. Here are the details: 49 yo, 6'1", 210, lean Before trt = 225 testosterone level...
  8. G

    Newbie on TRT/HRT Biggest Bang for my Buck

    Total newbie here. Background: I have been weightlifting for the past ~7-8 years. I have been following the bodybuilding style diet (watching what I eat, making nutritional choices, macros, micros, ect) for the past ~4-5 years. Currently 22 years old. At 21 I had a total test level of 218. A...
  9. G

    Dosage recommendations, thanks for the help!

    what's up yall I was wondering if some of you could share some knowledge to help me sort out some dosage questions I may have for a current study i'm running on a test subject. Let's begin. So a current cycle a test subject is running is as follows: Monday: 300mg pharmacom test E300, 40mg...
  10. W

    Steroid Induced histamine intolerance

    Hello all, I am new here, but I am not new to the steroids and bodybuilding. I was training for years and was preparing for the competition. I had from my birth some allergies including food allergy to some food but my allergologist told me after years that it is cured. I was juicing for several...
  11. J

    Tren dosage

    hi, I’m doing tren ace 100 mg and test prop 100, twice a week, mondays and Thursdays. It’s that good or it’s better pinning EOD?
  12. J

    Cycle dieting and support

    Hi, This is my second cycle, i am 25yo, 13bf, 195bw. I’m looking for a good diet to get lean muscles. I used to do Crossfit, now just conventional gym. My first cycle was like a year ago, it consisted in 250EQ every 2 days aand 250sust every 2 days and winstrol 50 daily, this was for 6...
  13. Jason908

    Thoughts on my testosterone results? (natural)

    Hi, I'm currently looking into training PEDS etc and have never done a cycle and got my bloodwork done because I was interested, my results came back to 52 nmo/L or 1498 ng/dL (8.0-30.0) Reference range on my blood test sheet would this be considered unnatural? not sure if this is a good...
  14. Zyzż_

    4 year cruise and pct log

    I been cruising on 4 years of test e and I really need to come off because of life situations and I will be posting bloods and using @pharmacist for pct products and I will trying this pct from @ApeShitFuckJacked on the comprehensive guide to pct thread Which looks like: HCG 2000iu E3D for 14...
  15. M

    Which Steroids to use now?

    Hey guys, my short term goal(achieved by end of cycle) is to be about 10-15 pounds of muscle heavier yet more shredded and dry. The only roids I’ve used are TestE, Deca and Tbol. First did a Test E cycle (which felt amazing and was extremely successful). Then ran Test E + Tbol Kickstarter...
  16. AnabolicLab.com

    SIS Labs EqTest 400 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2018-03 - SIMEC via AnabolicLab.com

    SIS Laboratories EqTest 400 was determined to have an actual content of 156.4 mg/ml boldenone undecylenate and 192.4 mg/ml testosterone enanthate compared to a label claim of 200 mg/ml boldenone undecylenate and 200 mg/ml testosterone enanthate. No microbiological contamination was detected...
  17. FlatlandLifter

    Base compound blends. (No ester)

    Recently I’ve been wondering the following about them: Dosing? Injection frequency? Can or should they be cycled with the same hormones but with an ester? (Test e or p) From what I’ve read they’re mainly taken for a “preworkout boost” but I was interested to read about anyone else’s...
  18. O

    Glute has painful swollen lump 3 days after injection

    I’ve been on gear about 2 Years now and never had any issue like this. The only thing I did different during the injection was I mixed 1cc of winny + 1cc test E in the same syringe. I’ve never mixed gear in the same syringe before, especially not water + oil based. I injected 3 days ago and had...
  19. L

    cycle before mma fight

    Hello guys, I'm going to have my first mma fight in june and I would like upgrade my preparation with a weak cycle. My goals are better recovery, strenght, aggression and also cardio. I don't want to gain weight, to be slow and to experience excessive side effects. I´m 31, 6'1, close to 200...
  20. Atleast200at8percent

    Crashing test for insurance/ prescription?

    I was wondering what the community would recommend to crash testosterone "safely" and then be able to raise it up again and get trt. I'm just trying to find a way to get swole in America legally or just cheaper, and am wondering if its possible or whats reccomended, I hear people complain a lot...