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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Gentlestrength, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. sweettart29

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    Well peeing on my forehead doesn't sound to appealing to u will have to think of something else to do cuz that is out of the question lol
  2. nick e. guns

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    Damn! That's alright...I could definitely think of something else to do.
  3. sweettart29

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    That's good as long as it does not involve peeing on my forehead or any other part of my body then u r all set!!!!
  4. BoogerSnax

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    Quote: Originally Posted by Gentlestrength
    Hello everyone, I am new to the board so just saying howdy. I am confident about my sexuality in real life, so feel I should be on the internet, after all we are who we are, so yes you guessed it I am gay. I hope this doesn't prove a problem for anyone, and if it does, well I feel it is your problem not mine. Lol now I have got that behind me, a little about my weight-lifting - I have been weight training for 3 years, I started at 360lbs and was an obese 35% bodyfat, and have trimmed down to 300lbs at 6'4. I must admit this weight training is addictive! Anyhow that's me, and if there are any other muscle bears or cubs on the board feel free to PM me!
  5. Gentlestrength

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    Hi Askari sorry I didn't reply to your PM sooner :) Guys the training is going very well I have lost 5% bodyfat so am now right at 28% my lowest I think ever! My weight has stayed the same and I am much stronger so I have put on some quality mass and it's really getting noticed! I am turning heads in the bar now hehe!
  6. patsfan

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    Good job. Just keep the protien intake high ;)
  7. Neodavid

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    OMG, will this threat ever die.

  8. Slick Arrado

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    Threats are NOT ALLOWED!! J/K bro, I know you meant thread. Nick E., you can blame me. It was an accident and because of my accident, you can't do what you want to. :D
  9. Neodavid

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    Shit, I meant THREAD.

    Learn to spell Neo, learn to type...

  10. dumbbellpress

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    Phreezer, I am laughing my butt off at your post. "Bears and Cubs" LOL :)

  11. Slick Arrado

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    I hold, in my hand, two pills. One gives you an extra inch on your weiner and the other....WAIT DON'T SWALLOW THAT ONE UNTIL I TELL YOU ABOUT THE OTHER ONE!! Crap, too late. Well, the other one would have allowed you to read/write/spell. :D
  12. RH81

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    lol you guys really should get paid to moderate . :D
  13. soulpower

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    bears and cub

    gs you are better off going to a different board. perhaps this link can help you:

    you need to rethink your approach to posting on a mostly heterosexual weightlifting/AAS board. look at the responses you are getting.

    just me $.02

  14. novicebb

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    I hear you bro
  15. Quasimoto

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    Alright NeoDavid..Which one of these guys is you on that site that soul posted ? Tell the truth...
  16. nj juice

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    Your turning heads at a bar now that youre down to 28% bf....... :confused:
  17. LoMeato

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    Oh please gentlmen. I mean, c'mon. Regardless of his shape and size, he is a beautiful person. The fact that he likes other men just gives him a better chance at getting a date than the average Joe. Don't hate him 'cause he's beautiful. Love your fellow man... ;)
  18. graybass

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    Die thread Die!!! J/K LOL.
    Listen, it's good to have a token Gay. GS we were wondering where you were!

    Never mind, I don't want to know!!!
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    lol bump... big karch got me looking at ols posts. this one cracked me up
  20. Lizard King

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    This was totally worth reading over my cup of coffee, LOL The avatar or the cubs is some funny shit!