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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by Astro Labs, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. Astro Labs

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    A week but I won't have everything for a bit longer

  2. Astro Labs

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    If you ordered Sust 450 and it was the only vial without a label then I'd say its Sust 450

  3. Astro Labs

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    I will jump on Pms shortly but I know a ton will be for order info but as I sated there would only be X amount of slots and I believe they are filled. All will recieve a response but not all will receive payment info.

    But Genotropin is on sale for $110 for 16iu for a limited time. Grab them while there cheap these I will take orders for
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  5. ChillBill

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    I Applaud you Astro for taking care of you're biz yourself still. I don't see many doing that.
    You are a hard worker man.
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  6. reefman

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    Thanks again astro got my pack great packing job i may add
  7. pmac928

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    Ya Man U came thru thanks
  8. HandyManny

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    Eagle has landed and everything accounted for. The tren has that nice dark orange tint:drooling: anyways everything went as promised. ALL my emails were answered throughout, just thought I'd add that. Also won't ever be ordering for friends again hahah I've been seeing people talking about that lately. You tell them you'll let them know when it comes in, and then you get harassed everyday by text... Fuck that
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  9. CristianoV91

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    I'm glad to see Astro is still in the game. Makes my search easier since I've been gone for a while.
  10. pmac928

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    Ya man my eagle landed also. Astro arm they in a big way! Thanks doggy! I had doubt but all that was squashed a few days ago, thanks again
  11. Astro Labs

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    So I plan to have some new GH in soon if all goes well. A few different brands. White tops. Tiatropin verifiable. Possibly Hygetropin.

    I'd like to be the the go to for GH domestically for everyone, if I find a supplier that is consistent. Hopefully I have found them. We shall see.
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  12. matchankh

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    hey astro I pmed u few days ago did you get it?
  13. juni

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    Hey astro, i know you said you were answering your PM a day or two ago, just wondering if you were all caught up yet.
  14. Astro Labs

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    Ot all the way. Weekends we are taking it easty from here on out. During the week it's this buisness but the weekends other things must be attended to.

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  16. fastasf

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    Astro came thru as usual and in a timely fashion. All the guys dogging him and freaking out just be patient. So far the T/A has been acceptable for me on each order.
  17. Oregonstrong

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    I second that.
  18. Only took three days holy shit !!!
  19. dper726

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    That's good to know, if you're prices are competitive enough you will be my go to guy for growth. Let us know when your operation is in full swing.
  20. xzoomzx

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    hey astro been waiting for my reply for days you asked when i can send and i been waiting for 2 days lol
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