Astro Labs US Dom and Intl SRC

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  1. A newfag bumping a year old thread should be a bannable offense
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    some good lols were had tho, and a noob learned something maybe, better than some of the bullshit I see going on in alot of threads.
    somebody go bump spetz's thread.

    this post sounds kinda like the end of a cosby kids episode
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    Yep that's the Meso way of doing things when you are bored ;)
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    Stfu mindless ass fuck an get the fuck off our steriod boards. You have no business being aroun juicers. Your like a fuckin parasite on all our nutsacks. Runnin roun suckin dick for likes.....Fuckin pathetic ass mother fucker
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    God..i had forgot about astro...fuck mine as well bring up pep as well ..ha