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    gunrunner knows his shit precontest stack is alway a cut stack i run tren ace test prop mastp 100mg var and 40mcg clen 2 weeks on 2 off the problem is most var is fake so u must be careful i trust my sources var is expensive for a reason and over 60 percnet on ugl labs are selling tbol and other shit as var so be careful
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    High dosage test is the foundation of any good contest prep cycle. An indirect benefit is test gives you the drive to make it through the higher volume training and cardio. For local level competitors, 1 gram per week is the base, although the top placers usually do more.

    For IFBB pros, 3-5 grams per week is standard. Dorian did 5 grams (3 sus a day). A local IFBB pro is 300 lbs @ 9-10% bf, and all he is doing is 1.5 grams a week, no other steroids, no GH, t3, beta a etc.

    Also, long estered test keeps the joints more lubricated, again allowing harder training. Just switch to prop for a couple of weeks, and all water will drop.

    In short, test is the base for any cutting cycle. For your typical non-competitive trainee, 4-500 mgs should still be the base of any cutting cycle. The next is tren, Mast, var, primo, and winstrol. I hate tren, but I get excellent fat burning from GH.

    The best cutting cycle is not the healthiest. That would be 500 test, 3-400 tren, 600 mast, 60 mgs var, and GH. I would substitute Primo and Winstrol for the tren. Beta agonists and t3 also dramatically reduce fat.

    Personally, 400 mgs of test, and 1.5 IU's of GH daily along w/ hard training and lots of cardio keep me lean and that is while eating 5k calories plus a day. Tren and beta agonists make me miserable, but GH does the opposite (better sleep etc).

    So, "best" is going to vary from person to person.
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    First off..thanks guys.

    Second, that's about what my research came up with. The next is the questions of dosage. Without being extreme, any recommendations?

    I appreciate the info and this is one of the reasons I recommend this forum to all my buddies...Take care and remember, " Live below the Bar."