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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Bob Smith, Dec 11, 2003.

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    nice reading....I'm going to use alot of this.

  2. Juggernauttx

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    So, is there a John Smith hypertrophy program? A program in which the results are just hypertrophy, regardless if it is functional or not.
  3. Bob Smith

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    Highly unlikely. JS trains people specifically for different sports, so hes not about programs that just add weight to be bigger. If you are looking for a pure hypertrophy program, check out the training section for HST. There have been a few threads in the past week or so about it.
  4. Freddy

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    Thats very true.

    BUT the 5x5 will put a lot of muscle on you, its very effective at that. Of course, it is very functional muscle...but thats never a bad thing. :)
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    Hey Bob......thanks for the great reading. Always interesting to learn more from another obviously well informed perspective.......Vegas
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    I'm stunned........I don't know what else to say.

    Thank you Bob
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    That story about your injuries and how you recovered is more than inspirational. I feel more inspired from that story than I do watching Rocky 4 the training scene.
    Thank you for all this good info.
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    Broken into paragraphs you so can freaking READ it... (smile)
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    Broken into paragraphs for easier reading.
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    Thanks Neo! That was very helpful and will make for much easier reading. Props to you for taking the time to break some of those long articles into easy reading material.

    Instead of keeping the "revised" articles as a reply, I edited my original posts to use your version.
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    Hey Bob, you and John related??? lol
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    lol, only on Meso. ;)
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    Yeah, thats 1970, 38 years ago. Ill admit its good but Im willing to bet Ronnie Coleman isnt doing it!